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This exact issue has been my problem for years. I would eat less so I would lose a bit of weight and workout hardcore, so I could get bigger. Well I wasn't getting much bigger because I didn't eat enough to build the muscle and I wasn't getting much thinner because I wasn't doing enough cardio. Right now I am dieting hardcore just to lose this fat, not bothering going to the gym. I've lost about 10 pounds in a month and I will be starting the gym in a month or less and...
Magnificent job. I should of started posting on this forum a long time ago so I could of really lived in the experience of this topic. Good job again.
I think he was super busy on Tuesday. I purchased the 40R jacket so I expect that I will hear back from him today.
Your message box is full Mainy!
I live in a city called Regina in Canada. It has about 200,000 people. Could I expect ever to find great deals like you guys are reporting? All I see in thrift stores here is, well, crap. Also, what is a chain of thrift stores I should keep an eye out for?
I am tempted.... I have never bought a suit online or anything though. I know I am 40R, so I think it would fit. Decisions Decisions...
Hello all, long time lurker first time poster: I have bought all my clothes in person so far, so it is no problem, but now that I am looking at stuff on this forum, I am curious as to WHAT and HOW I should measure. In a suit I am 40R, that is all I know when it comes to that. A shirt I am 15.5 - 35. A shirt is a bit more straightforward I think, I usually just get a slim fit since I am a bit slim, and those two sizes. In suits though, I think there are many different...
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