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Then why wouldn't you go see one of those book dealers? Haha. Sorry, just thought that was funny. Good luck with the sale!
As a Canadian service member I am curious who this bag is issued to? I have never seen it before. NOT saying it is not authentic at all, it is very CF like, just wondering. Let me know if this sells. I have some old kit I would like to get rid of. One massive Gortex parka! Edit: Cool! Thanks. I'm curious as to which material it is (e.g., same as olive drab rucksack, big duffel), but that is just for me, so no need to answer.
Westy is pretty hard to come by in Belgium, but it isn't that difficult. Know the right people and you can get your hands on many. Know no one and you can buy them in beer shops for 10-15 euros or something. Really not that bad if you haven't tried one before and considering the price of wine. That being said, I wouldn't ever pay that much for one. There are many beers that are much cheaper and easier to come by that are just a little worse, as good, or arguably better.
Westy in a whole foods? My god. I really don't believe that. I mean it is possible... but I will need a picture or something.
Is it just me or is that thing awesome?
Friendly tip, don't bump your own threads or you will get in trouble! Answer questions in you opening post. good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by Handcuffed ill take all 20 Haha I read whole thread and this last one made me laugh just in context.
Fantastic artist! Would love to see him live, too bad I'm in Canada! Good luck
Quote: Originally Posted by raulishere in a private collection never to be seen again? what are you talking about i wear mine all the time Haha no way.
Quote: Originally Posted by tradernick Clearly, you haven't spent too much time around rich people But seriously, I bought one from Rolexforums and you're goddamn right I would have saved 4% of the purchase price of my Sub ND. I met up and bought so I didn't have to worry about it. I agree with Zack, who said that risk management is everything in this type of deal, but the fact is that if you buy from one of the very well established sellers at...
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