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Sorry I can't help too much with suggestions, but I don't think buying used is a good idea. Buying new you get full warranty and help. Building your own you need to followup individually and send in any bad part, it is a real pain. I don't think you save much money building your own computer anymore, vs. buying a great computer with a crappy video card and just throwing in a sick one or something.
Thanks for the reply! That website looks pretty good, I will certainly keep an eye on it... I will try out couch surfing too.
Hey! Thanks for the reply. That price is probably slightly out of my range, but I could potentially settle for something like that if needed. I am trying to track down some good hostels as well, which would probably end up being cheaper than a B&B. I haven't found anything great yet, but I will keep looking!
Hello everyone, Me and a friend are looking to possibly spend some vacation time in San Francisco. He is about to start his MSc and I my PhD so we feel as if this may be one of the last opportunities to can get together somewhere in the world for some time. This might be a long shot, but I am wondering if anyone would be willing to house me and my (male) friend (he actually introduced me to this forum). We would likely be staying for about a week to 10 days,...
Quote: Originally Posted by stormin10 Im not sure about the authenticity of your Millionaires but, what I do know is that when I was selling mine which were the same in every way including the serial number. You determined that they were "fake". How are yours any more "authentic" than mine were? I don't know about other authenticators, but I usually rely on gut feelings.
40R? Us poor 40R poor students in professional programs have a rough life to lead! Haha. Seriously though, it sounds like a good idea if you have a few staples.
Howdy, What are the dimensions? Mostly width of the case with and without crown and thickness of the watch
I'm sure someone else will be able to help you regarding taxation in the US. That being said, if it is currently worth half the original total, it sounds like selling the shares would be the worst option. Unless you are in a severe financial crisis yourself...
Aye, tis McSwiggen Village. Where the hills are green, the streams are clear, and the sweaters are so thick, even the boniest-fingered nun could poke you in the chest and it wouldn't bother you none.
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