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Still thought it was funny, especially considering some of the couch surfing ads I saw :|
Quote: Originally Posted by vaalbara if you've already got it, then go for it. :| I have never heard of that. the inside spins just a wee bit faster than the outside. i'm not sure if the difference it makes is actually noticeable by an actual human, though! You sure about that bud?
"OS is stored on the fastest spinning part of the HDD." :| I have never heard of that.
Value with a SSD? Haha. :P
yes it will be sufficient, unless he plans on overclocking it. As a guy who doesn't want to build his own computer I don't see him being 1. worried about overclocking 2. installing a heatsink.
Ehhh I think that is stretching it a bit....
Haha! oh wait
Yeah you need to buy the OS, or you can pirate. If you are going to pirate it, building it might save you a few bucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaalbara dell/hp/whatever use the cheapest available options for hardware (and then overcharge you for them). please stop giving terrible advice. and before you start spouting bullshit about prebuilts having the same specs as something that you built yourself - remember that computer parts are like clothes: brands matter. Brands of video card and CPU matter, but when it the last time optical drive, motherboard...
I didn't mean the whole computer is shit and the GPU will just rock the lightning. There are plenty of Dells and HPs out there that are beefed right up except they have a shitty graphics card. Throw one in and you are laughing, and they use the same powering unit. I've built a ton of computers and this is what I suggest now. Look up what is inside the best 1000$ computer you can build, and compare it to what you can get for 1000$ from Dell or your local box store on sale....
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