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I got my hands on these: Any information on these would be great. Does anyone know what the stone is? The actual cufflinks are quite heavy. Anyone have any estimation of how much (or little) these are worth?
Drop to 84$!
Hello all, I am looking to sell a 100$ iTunes/Mac App Store giftcard. I got it for buying my new macbook. It is a "Back to school 2011" card. I'm assuming it works even if you are not a student I don't think shipping is necessary, I could simply scratch it when I am paid and email you the code. If you want the plastic though I can ship it! Cheers
Then perhaps you should give me some suggestions regarding what to do during that time Also, booked a hotel total. Villa de Palmar I believe. Hotwire, 84$ a night. I would have went for a shorter period, but flight prices were stable on these days (220$!)
Hi all, Title says it all! Any tips regarding what to do, see, eat, and where to sleep, go, etc. would be great! Does VRBO reach down there? Who has been? Thanks!
Oh look at this thing still "going"! My opening post might not do the goal justice so I am happy to completely edit it if someone has a good replacement post (and I'll give credit of course!). PM might be necessary, I haven't seen this thing in months.
Depends on the field and such, I suppose. I largely agree with what has been said, but if you get a doctorate in clinical psychology for instance (and psych is usually considered a humanity), then making well for yourself shouldn't be too difficult.
I haven't read the whole thread, and I am 99% sure this has been said before, but I will share my opinion that there is too much spacing pretty much everywhere. Lots of empty white space. It looks nice, but it is not great for a forum...
Cool thanks! I have contacted a few people on couch websites and such, but no useful replies yet....
No I'm not in a frat, and not sure what an S.O.S. would be but I don't think this would apply to me No dorms either I think in the nicer areas so probably wouldn't be able to stay in one of those either.
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