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Nice stuff, but perhaps too expensive... Found some decent silver earrings on bluenile that seem nice and have a few nice reviews
I am cool, we are cool, everything is good. I appreciate the advice, thank you, but I am not looking so much for advice on our relationship status and such, no offence meant. I do appreciate that it is still early for most types of jewellery or to go all out, but I am well funded and money is not a huge concern for me. Maybe you are all right and I shouldn't go all out, but the matter still remains that I don't have any good suggestions! haha.
Thank you for the advice. We are beyond the zone where I need to worry about looking desperate or sealing the deal or anything like that. We are quite committed and serious about this and we have both had relationships in the past and have grown and matured because of them. I think I can dish out a decent gift. 100$ would do too, but like I said I am willing to go higher. Edit: I suppose I should clarify we have been seeing each other and talking and hour a day and seeing...
I am fine with that, but it is easier said than done getting something simple and meaningful (which I may do in addition). This is not what it was like when I was 15, and I think she will give me something quite nice as well, so I need to do the same. Edit: also, is 150-200$ "all out"? I am happy to spend less if I can get something nice.
It is my impression that tiffany is very overpriced and also would be more than the amount I specified?
Hi all, I have been with my new girlfriend since early October. I honestly think she is the one. I want to give her a great gift(s) for the holidays. Jewellery is not out of the question. I could buy a few smaller gifts as well. I am not looking to spend more than 200-250$ or so, perhaps preferably less since its still somewhat early. I am currently a (funded) doctoral student, so I don't have a lot of coin, but I don't want to be cheap either. Simple things like going...
Cool. This is not surprising to me, but was worth a shot.
HMm. Good point
I may try to contact them!
So I've done some googling and I have NOTHING. I'm assuming it is the same brand as Omega watches? Google has nothing on Omega and "for men of distinction", even.
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