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Thanks for the feedback. It might very well be water damage at the bottom, I don't know. The leather does seem to be cracking at a small section on an edge, but that is about it. Maybe I will buy some stuff and give it a shot! Is there a chance I could ruin it or something, or would that really require a big mess-up? Can someone give me a ballpark regarding how much its worth? Just curious. If I had to guess I would say....50$? Heh, no idea.
I don't know anything about leather really. What does a conditioning job entail? Is that something I would do or would I give it to a professional?
Anybody!? I haven't posted in a very long time but when I used to post people loved to look at old briefcases and comment on them!
Hi all! I was given this bag and I am wondering if it is worth anything. I am not looking to sell it, but am rather curious. buckles are functional, no holes, no big gashes, and seems to generally be in decent shape. It is handmade from the 1970s. How much would it cost to restore such a thing? Is it worth restoring, or is the old school look most of the appeal? As you can see in the last picture the bag includes only one large component.
I don't post in here too often, but if I need to update the opening post (e.g., with newer instructions) I am happy to. Just send me a PM.
Hello everyone, I am a Canadian PhD student and I will be working at a hospital in Oconomowoc starting early May and until the end of August. This will be a great opportunity, but my time there is also associated with the inconvenient fact that I am completely unfamiliar with Oconomowoc and Milwaukee. Most notably, I don't have a place to stay down there and I am not familiar with how to find housing in Wisconsin or in the USA. I would really appreciate some pointers...
Very nice
Interesting. Your not the statistician I take i t? haha. Just playing.
What kind of statistics are you using? Mostly based on linear modelling I'm assuming? You can probably share a few tidbits I imagine without giving anything useful up, eh?
I am quite interested in investing and I am adept at statistics. I invest on my own without statistical aids and it works out fine, but I have always been interested in applying statistics to investments. Unfortunately I don't have time to do so and I don't think I ever will, but the interest is there. I would be interested in hearing more about this project!
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