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Any chance of getting these set up for Rudy orders with the current batch? I would love to get a linen order in now so they'll be here by the time the weather gets warm.
I'm a US12 too - they seem to sell out immediately, don't they.
Awesome, thanks for pointing these out!
My wife is a size 39, so I'm interested!
Robert James in Manhattan/Lower East Side has a lot of pieces that seem old-west inspired.
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy There's no duping of Alden. Why would Alden care whether a collective of shoppers or a store buys their shoes? They get the same profit for either. Anyways I can see this isn't going to end up anywhere constructive. If you really think Alden wouldn't care, why are you pretending that you're opening a store?
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy Ive always been tempted to order these: They look so nice in that picture but seem to plain to justify spending that kind of money. It's something I would love to own as I love the look and they seem versatile, but have been on the lookout for a similar looking cheaper shoe. Maybe Ill just cave one day and get them First post. I was in epaulet...
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