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I am curious as to what are your suggestions to reducing the deficit, although I am sure you've posted it elsewhere.
Interested in the bespoke navy suit
Ed Morel (Panta) has a great orange cashmere bowtie for $45 for sale check the B+S forum.
worth the admission price? 13$ here
can't wait to eagles/giants
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Great gesture mate. What sf is all about PM sent. regards
I can't believe (presumably grown) men with no strong, or even decent backgrounds in science are trying to place creationism on par with the theory of evolution.
Hermes cornflower wheat leaf 62 x 3.5 $85 is one pretty tie take it someone before I give in!
you guys all love teh cawk honestly, whenever theres an attractive lady being posted you guys act all indifferent. 'Meh I see better chicks every day, or I have 300 chicks just like her on facebook'
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr Australias can't become investment bankers....unless you're asian. I am asian, although I am not sure what that is supposed to mean? an inside joke?
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