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For me, they are true to my athletic shoe size, as opposed to my dress shoe or Brannock Device size. The shop I ordered them from suggested I go with my Nike size, which is 10.5. They defiantly fit, although they are a little roomy, even with thick hiking socks. By comparison, I wear a 9.5 in the RRL Livingston and Murdoch boots, and a 9 in the Indy Boot on the Trubalance last.
I ordered a Barbour jacket from End Clothing's "U.S. website", thinking that they would ship from the U.S, just like if you order from Mr. Porter's U.S. website. Didn't work out that way. Got hit with $90 custom's fee. Not sure how they justify representing their site as a "U.S. website" when they still ship from England.
Just received my post card. There is no code on it this time. Anyone who accesses the Private Sale URL will get the discount.
They are in fact wide (8 1/2)
Deco Cooper black calf, Deco Papworth in black calf and vintage cherry
Bettanin & Venturi Plain Toe Chukka (currently on sale at Barney's)
It applies to their custom dress shirts as well. First time I've ever seen those on sale there.
I posted earlier about the A2 jacket, and that I went with the XL. The L just was too tight in the shoulders. I know a lot of guys like snug fitting leather jackets, but this leather is very thick, making it very restrictive if it is snug. Plus, the L sleeves were a little short on me. Having said that, the more I looked at the jacket, the more I felt it was too baggy in the chest and waist. I ended up having my tailor take it in 4 inches on the sides. I just don't see...
My LunarGlide is the same size as my Nike LunarTR1 and Zoom HyperEnforcer, which is 10.5. I'm also a 10.5 in John Varvatos Converse, and New Balance, if that helps.
Just received mine last week. Ordered both a L and XL to try on, kept the XL. I wear a 42L suit jacket.
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