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Pulling back full payment when the work done was to your standard seems silly. Move on, have someone else move the ribbon.
NOBD, can I have the contents of your closet? Nice shirts.
@An Acute Style Love it. The orange makes it really pop (almost looks like the hunting safety orange paired with a hunting jacket).
I was thinking about doing the same thing. As far as I can remember I've only ever gotten their top line fabrics. Their customer service is great, it's nice to chat with Rikky. Fit was very close the first time through (my right shoulder is very sloped compared to my left) but the adjustments were quick and have been good since. I've only had one shirt lose a bunch of buttons (and I have 7). I'm going to order some of their more premium fabrics (Monti/Thomas Mason) my...
A few new commissions from Spier & Mackay. Went with a soft collar on the red one and blue/brown one.
I know its a few pages back but I'm totally digging on Malford's kit. Damn!
ed, your avatar has to go. now. That guy with the knot is chose the strangest tie I've seen and combined it with the ugliest shirt ever.
Does anyone want these? They're half price!?!?
Price Dropped! 01/31/2013For sale: 9D Black and 9D Walnut Grain Leather Allen Edmonds Park Avenue. I only have one pair of each. Brand New without box. One of them is a beautiful walnut grain leather that I so desperately wish would fit me. My instep is far too high. You get to benefit from my misfortune!$220 $198 $175 + shipping (trees not included). Free Shipping if you buy both pairs!. That's two pairs of Park Aves for the same price as you'd pay for one from AE....
Shouldn't that be Kung ?
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