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Dat Purple!
Can anyone confirm that the vests will not be on sale? I see that suiting and trousers, etc will be 30% off...but no vests?lame.
This post is informative. I didn't realize international shipping was this much of a hassle for small retailers.
I'm not sure why you would ask a forum comprised of (mostly) adults what is fashionable for a high school student. I understand that you want to look good (we all did at that age and still do). But I think you're doing it wrong. Following "trends" is almost never a good thing. Discover who YOU are through self exploration and expression. Look at blogs, magazines, etc if you have to. But having other people tell you what to wear is probably not the best way to become...
love that Hatch-grain.
Hi, any suggestions on retailers or manufacturers that sell quality Maple, Malacca, or Whangee handle umbrellas? I'm aware of Fox and Swaine Adeney, but investigating others for possible collaborations. thanks. -W.
shame these arent a 9.
Hi. Does anyone have suggestions/input re: companies that make custom boxes for retailers? Looking to have a few made for some of my upcoming brand's pieces. Thanks.
- tagged 38S, has been tailored, so check the measurements below - may also work for a 38R if you like a shorter length or even a 40R/S if you have a slimmer build. - made in Italy by Saint Andrews - light brown, somewhere between caramel and milky coffee - 100% linen - unique fabric, in my experience - 3 buttons, rolling to 2 - notch lapels - double rear vents - flap pockets, with ticket pocket -5 sleeve buttons. A bit of a curious case here. The previous owner only had...
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