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Thanks for the kind words, Spoo. It's a modest start, but I have big ideas.
loving this thread.
as much money is at stake, it might be worth flying out to pay him a friendly visit.
Or smaller menswear stores? I will be out there scouting for stockists (for my brand) in May. I'm asking about smaller stores because I assume it will be easier to get in touch with buyer there. Thought I'd check here for suggestions first.. Thanks.
Thanks guys. I was waiting a bit to introduce my brand to SF.But yes, I'm very happy with thr products and site (and high lapels).
very nice.
More of that Chelsea and Jodhpur please.
I was just about to say "This entire thread is irrelevant without pictures of Mary Poppins hats!", then i saw the above^
meh. i really doubt anyone will care about your shoes. just try to do good work. best of luck.
woe was here.
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