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How do you guys feel about the Paddock coat? i wish the lapels were wider, but it's a really good fit on me. I could always have something made, but it would cost quite a bit more than the current sale prace.
imo better than his last outing with the big 80s shoulders. the lapels are okay with me. they're not tiny like some of the other rtw brands you see marketing to college age kids.
really enjoyed this. anyone got a heads-up as to where to find frames like the ones Mr. Barbera was wearing?
So this probably isn't worth making a trip-in from outta town then?
love what they've done with the elongated buckle strap there^
More G&G goodies, courtesy of Nick/Bespoke England. The glorious "Oakham" in Dark Cherry.
Originally Posted by NAMOR View PostSuede and calf combo is hard to pull offunless you are woe is mei wouldn't put it past me. its a thankless job, but somebody's gotta be that guy.
Hi guys. I did a search, but didn't see any relatively recent threads. I might be going to Berlin with some friends in early October. Are there any recommended stores or artisans I should look out for? and while we're here, I'm open to tourist/restaurant/beer/etc suggestions as well. It will be a very short visit (2 days or so). Thank you. -W.
summer on smash is fucking horrible.i honestly found the album underwhelming.it has good moments (3 or 4 songs maybe)but by and large, it isn't memorable at all to me.illmatic is still arguably the best rap album of all time though.
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