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More of that Chelsea and Jodhpur please.
I was just about to say "This entire thread is irrelevant without pictures of Mary Poppins hats!", then i saw the above^
meh. i really doubt anyone will care about your shoes. just try to do good work. best of luck.
woe was here.
this is one of my favorite SF threads ever.
Very interested in the Navy Mughal scarf.Been chasing it since last year. if someone can scoop it for me, I would appreciate it.(Assuming this is the full size scarf, not the smaller neckerchief ones they also made)Thanks.
Dat Purple!
Can anyone confirm that the vests will not be on sale? I see that suiting and trousers, etc will be 30% off...but no vests?lame.
This post is informative. I didn't realize international shipping was this much of a hassle for small retailers.
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