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Hi, any suggestions on retailers or manufacturers that sell quality Maple, Malacca, or Whangee handle umbrellas? I'm aware of Fox and Swaine Adeney, but investigating others for possible collaborations. thanks. -W.
shame these arent a 9.
Hi. Does anyone have suggestions/input re: companies that make custom boxes for retailers? Looking to have a few made for some of my upcoming brand's pieces. Thanks.
- tagged 38S, has been tailored, so check the measurements below - may also work for a 38R if you like a shorter length or even a 40R/S if you have a slimmer build. - made in Italy by Saint Andrews - light brown, somewhere between caramel and milky coffee - 100% linen - unique fabric, in my experience - 3 buttons, rolling to 2 - notch lapels - double rear vents - flap pockets, with ticket pocket -5 sleeve buttons. A bit of a curious case here. The previous owner only had...
How do you guys feel about the Paddock coat? i wish the lapels were wider, but it's a really good fit on me. I could always have something made, but it would cost quite a bit more than the current sale prace.
imo better than his last outing with the big 80s shoulders. the lapels are okay with me. they're not tiny like some of the other rtw brands you see marketing to college age kids.
really enjoyed this. anyone got a heads-up as to where to find frames like the ones Mr. Barbera was wearing?
So this probably isn't worth making a trip-in from outta town then?
love what they've done with the elongated buckle strap there^
More G&G goodies, courtesy of Nick/Bespoke England. The glorious "Oakham" in Dark Cherry.
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