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Friends in Paris, if you happen to be riding the Metro, you might see a familiar face promoting the Etonnent Voyageurs festival.
I believe so.When I was a practicing attorney, I was fortunate to be able to afford relatively pricy items.the vast majority of my friends, and most Americans, cannot.To that end, It was my goal to make a $500 fully canvassed coat of respectable quality.We aren't quite there yet, but I'm making every effort to provide well-made domestic goods at a decent rate.
this is good feedback that I will definitely take it into consideration moving forward.Logistically, it can be difficult to strike the right balance between information for the customer and providing a unique/interesting web shopping experience.As the business grows, I will make an effort to be fluid and attentive to public opinion.the advantage of a small operation is that changes can be made without too much difficulty.the flip side is that a small operation often does...
Try it! You'll like it!
Hey guys, I'm going to be in Paris for about a week around the end of May. While there, I'd love to speak with any boutiques or stores that may be interested in stocking accessories from my brand Ikiré Jones (see: brand origin story posted in Classic Menswear). If anyone has ant thoughts, suggestions, contacts, I'd love to hear 'em. Thanks. -W
Justin is a stand-up guy. He has a great eye for shoes, and my full support. Some choice pieces in his range too. I particularly like the balmoral boots and chukkas.
Yup. I plan on keeping the jackets around until the fabric is used up, then re-assessing based on demand.
From the guy who does the dirty work:"The measurements are purely garment measurements. Pit to pit is a body measurement.However, on the garment, "chest to break" measures the distance from lapel fold to lapel fold.If you look at a photo of a jacket, there is a gap (empty space) in the middle/front of the chest that isn't covered by the jacket's fabric. This space is not counted in the chest to break measurement.Whereas "chest to the lapel edge" includes the unfolded...
The L's will be about 1.5" longer than their regular counterparts, so total length of the 38L (from bottom of the collar) will be approx. 31.5".Regarding the lining peeking out, we could easily use less of an underlining for anyone who wanted to temper the look a bit. In general, the underlining will not be visible unless the collars are upturned.
New Posts  All Forums: