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^^This is a legitimate concern, and something I'm still trying to figure out (the cheapest/most reliable way to ship overseas). I'm happy to ship packages to the UK by regular mail at a lower shipping rate. This will probably mean forgoing tracking, however.
Thanks.Yes, this is a known bug we're still working out (re: the shopping cart using the default picture instead of the item selected by the customer).The lady with blue headscarf is "New Lagos (Red Background)"
Not yet, my ego got in the way a bit when creating the lookbook. But i'll work on using a few more body-types.Squares are available for sale now!Thanks All. And yes, I will absolutely ship to the UK.
It occurred to me that people might want an update on my latest business misadventure. Here is a little background on my menswear brand - Ikiré Jones (http://www.ikirejones.com). With Ikiré Jones, I’ve married Neapolitan tailoring and African aesthetics. All of the pieces are made using English and Italian tailoring methods, but the inspiration is West Africa. It’s a melting-pot that reflects my personal history. Until recently, I worked as an attorney in a big law...
Thanks for the kind words, Spoo. It's a modest start, but I have big ideas.
loving this thread.
as much money is at stake, it might be worth flying out to pay him a friendly visit.
Or smaller menswear stores? I will be out there scouting for stockists (for my brand) in May. I'm asking about smaller stores because I assume it will be easier to get in touch with buyer there. Thought I'd check here for suggestions first.. Thanks.
Thanks guys. I was waiting a bit to introduce my brand to SF.But yes, I'm very happy with thr products and site (and high lapels).
very nice.
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