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"Ritual Union" A short film by Ikiré Jones.
Thanks! Ikiré Jones FW'14 in Brief.... Squares Scarves More at
Love the colors in that shot. Going to throw it up on our instagram if you don't mind.
Hi All, Just wanted to let you guys know we've released a *very* (restricted by materials) limited collection of pop-overs. Available on our site. We'll be building on it further based on response. This is just the start.
Thanks Frank, As I mentioned to Frank via PM, anyone in the Philadelphia Center City area who is interested in our work is welcome to check out our goods in person. We are currently hosting a Trunk Show in the Commonwealth Proper ( showroom until the end of the World Cup. Commonwealth is located near the corner of 19th/Chestnut (entrance on 19th Street). Just ring the doorbell and someone will let you up. They also have tons of whiskey/beer so...
Absolutely.Measurements will be up this weekend.I was a bit over eager to publish, and couldn't wait.
Thanks! I put a lot of thought into the copy (because I'm basically an unfulfilled author pretending to be a lawyer pretending to be a designer...). The writing is just as important as the product to me, so it's very nice to hear someone is actually reading that stuff.
Hi all, I know it's been a very long wait, but we're back with a full deck of new products. I think you guys will especially like the squares and scarves (which are made by the same manufacturer who has done work for Drake's of London). See below, and visit for more. Oh. There's also the matter of the new jackets... Regards, W.
Anyone have any suggestions on mills that supply casentino wool?
Dear MC, Don't ever change. Warmest Regards, W.
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