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Just fyi, @mafoofan I was also taken aback by your use of the term "tarbaby." You may be unaware, but many consider it a racial pejorative.
This has been a vintage thread. A real throwback to the "Men's Clothing" era of the forum. Bravo.
From Ikiré Jones FW14...
Ah, I see.thanks.
anyone know what the wingtip boot is called? it makes me feel warm inside.i cant seem to find the g&g stuff on BGs site.
(I edited above for a bit more detail), but yes you're right. It is suiting and not coating weight.
Hi frank,The Casentino coat is 100% wool.I can get you length measurements sometime this week. my personal sample is actually being shortened for me (because I'm a near midget by American standards) at the moment, so I can't check.It should hit right above the knee for most people though.There are two buttons, but the 2nd one is higher up under the lapel.It's almost like a 2roll1, if that makes any sense, and if that's even a thing.I'm actually not sure of the flannel...
"Ritual Union" A short film by Ikiré Jones.
Thanks! Ikiré Jones FW'14 in Brief.... Squares Scarves More at ikirejones.com
Love the colors in that shot. Going to throw it up on our instagram if you don't mind.
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