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Absolutely.Measurements will be up this weekend.I was a bit over eager to publish, and couldn't wait.
Thanks! I put a lot of thought into the copy (because I'm basically an unfulfilled author pretending to be a lawyer pretending to be a designer...). The writing is just as important as the product to me, so it's very nice to hear someone is actually reading that stuff.
Hi all, I know it's been a very long wait, but we're back with a full deck of new products. I think you guys will especially like the squares and scarves (which are made by the same manufacturer who has done work for Drake's of London). See below, and visit www.ikirejones.com for more. Oh. There's also the matter of the new jackets... Regards, W.
Anyone have any suggestions on mills that supply casentino wool?
Dear MC, Don't ever change. Warmest Regards, W.
I'll be there on Saturday, fyi. Hide your wives.
This post and photos are just breath taking. amazing work.
Need some new shoe trees. Nothing fancy, just some functional cedar ones. Any thoughts on who is offering them for cheap? Thanks.
Yup. Just did the product shoot last week. They should be up on the newly designed site in time for the holidays. Here is a preview, as well as a quick look at next season's squares.
What do you guys think of their new site? It may be more customer friendly/efficient but i find it MUCH less elegant and almost amateurish in appearance. Hopefully they will tweak it some more.
New Posts  All Forums: