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Just realized I hadn't posted the latest pieces from Ikiré Jones in this thread yet. so here they are. All made up in 100% silk and hand-rolled in Macclesfield, England.
Yes, quite.(edit: since we're closing this thing down)
Well, you certainly took the opportunity to jump to his rescue for no reason.I think history has shown he is a big enough boy, who can speak for himself when necessary.I didn't say or imply he needed to be punished.I was merely pointing out the broader/offensive interpretation of a term he was flippantly using.It is knowledge I would want to be privy to, were I in his position.all that other nonsense about a PC-cadre is just...*eye-roll* worthy, and indicative of other...
Just fyi, @mafoofan I was also taken aback by your use of the term "tarbaby." You may be unaware, but many consider it a racial pejorative.
This has been a vintage thread. A real throwback to the "Men's Clothing" era of the forum. Bravo.
From Ikiré Jones FW14...
Ah, I see.thanks.
anyone know what the wingtip boot is called? it makes me feel warm inside.i cant seem to find the g&g stuff on BGs site.
(I edited above for a bit more detail), but yes you're right. It is suiting and not coating weight.
Hi frank,The Casentino coat is 100% wool.I can get you length measurements sometime this week. my personal sample is actually being shortened for me (because I'm a near midget by American standards) at the moment, so I can't check.It should hit right above the knee for most people though.There are two buttons, but the 2nd one is higher up under the lapel.It's almost like a 2roll1, if that makes any sense, and if that's even a thing.I'm actually not sure of the flannel...
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