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This is a pair of used G&G Wigmore Boots in Vintage Rioja with a Highland Grain. Made up on the TG73 Last. I'm thinning the herd, so these boys are getting a fond farewell. They're in need of a polish but have plenty of good life left in them. Box included. Lasted trees included for an additional $50. Cost of shipping not included.
I agree that the sleeves are a touch long, but that's a quick easy fix.I think it looks really good on you when closed.not too snug, but still with a visible waist.Thanks again for the support!
Thanks! Your items will be ready in the usual span according to your specifications.
-Yup. Still got the Yancey in stock.-Tunics are about 37.75 inches from bottom of the collar to bottom of the garment. They would probably hit somewhere around mid-thigh for most dudes.They can actually be tucked in like a regular shirt though. The material is thin/light enough that it isn't much of an obstruction.They both have band collars, but there's no reason we couldn't do a regular shirt collar like our conventional shirts, if someone wanted.Hope that helps!
If you happen to be near a major news stand this month, check out our feature in the Dec/Jan issue of National Geographic Travel magazine.
I bought the suede moretti boot and its fantastic for the price.
Thanks all!
Just realized I hadn't posted the latest pieces from Ikiré Jones in this thread yet. so here they are. All made up in 100% silk and hand-rolled in Macclesfield, England.
Yes, quite.(edit: since we're closing this thing down)
Well, you certainly took the opportunity to jump to his rescue for no reason.I think history has shown he is a big enough boy, who can speak for himself when necessary.I didn't say or imply he needed to be punished.I was merely pointing out the broader/offensive interpretation of a term he was flippantly using.It is knowledge I would want to be privy to, were I in his position.all that other nonsense about a PC-cadre is just...*eye-roll* worthy, and indicative of other...
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