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Yup. Saw this one. It's a fascinating discussion, and often comes up with proponents of "respectability politics" (the notion that if blecks dressed or presented themselves "better", they would not face as much harassment or mistreatment). However, one should keep in mind that MLK and many men during the civil rights movement were wearing suiting/tailoring when beaten by the police and set-upon by dogs. Ultimately, one's presentation, no matter how safe or elegant, will...
Hi All, I'll be visiting Brazil (specifically Sao Paolo) for the first time next week. Will be there for a week with a relatively clear schedule so I'm open to any and all recommendations. Thanks. W.
Thanks. Not sure how familiar the community is with them, but here are some of my scarves:Also super excited about the upcoming collection which features large square-shaped Hermes-style scarves with similarly artistic prints.
This is a pair of used G&G Wigmore Boots in Vintage Rioja with a Highland Grain. Made up on the TG73 Last. I'm thinning the herd, so these boys are getting a fond farewell. They're in need of a polish but have plenty of good life left in them. Box included. Lasted trees included for an additional $50. Cost of shipping not included.
I agree that the sleeves are a touch long, but that's a quick easy fix.I think it looks really good on you when closed.not too snug, but still with a visible waist.Thanks again for the support!
Thanks! Your items will be ready in the usual span according to your specifications.
-Yup. Still got the Yancey in stock.-Tunics are about 37.75 inches from bottom of the collar to bottom of the garment. They would probably hit somewhere around mid-thigh for most dudes.They can actually be tucked in like a regular shirt though. The material is thin/light enough that it isn't much of an obstruction.They both have band collars, but there's no reason we couldn't do a regular shirt collar like our conventional shirts, if someone wanted.Hope that helps!
If you happen to be near a major news stand this month, check out our feature in the Dec/Jan issue of National Geographic Travel magazine.
I bought the suede moretti boot and its fantastic for the price.
Thanks all!
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