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Gorgeous Snuff Suede Jodphur boots with contrasting calf straps. In very good condition. Price: $550 + Shipping.
Cost: $500 + shipping.
Includes original box & bags. $450 + Shipping
A lovely pair of shoes in great shape. I'm only considering getting rid of them because they don't fit my lifestyle anymore and I never wear them. They were probably only worn 5-10x. Note: I'm having trouble uploading more images for some reason, but if you need to see the soles or other angles, PM me. Cost: $500 -> 335 + Shipping.
Thanks! The brand has continued to progress in an interesting direction over the years, I think.
I need some new frames. Any thoughts on where to look while I'm here? Thanks. W.
Just fyi all: I'll be presenting the latest Ikiré Jones collection at Pitti 89's Generation Africa fashion show.
This is a pair of Gaziano & Girling Burnham Chelsea boots made in Tan Hatchgrain with a medallion. They're on the DG70 last in size 8F. As you'll see from the pristine soles, they have only been worn once. I have another pair that is almost identical, so these have been languishing in their box, waiting for a better home. Price Drop: 650-> $425.+ shipping
Glad to see it's still holding up well!
Hi @ericgereghty - We could do a non-patch on one of the structured jackets. There would be an additional fee because the tailor would have to draw up a new pattern that disrupts his regular flow.
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