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A lovely pair of shoes in great shape. I'm only considering getting rid of them because they don't fit my lifestyle anymore and I never wear them. They were probably only worn 5-10x. Note: I'm having trouble uploading more images for some reason, but if you need to see the soles or other angles, PM me. Cost: $500 -> 385 + Shipping.
Thanks! The brand has continued to progress in an interesting direction over the years, I think.
I need some new frames. Any thoughts on where to look while I'm here? Thanks. W.
Just fyi all: I'll be presenting the latest Ikiré Jones collection at Pitti 89's Generation Africa fashion show.
This is a pair of Gaziano & Girling Burnham Chelsea boots made in Tan Hatchgrain with a medallion. They're on the DG70 last in size 8F. As you'll see from the pristine soles, they have only been worn once. I have another pair that is almost identical, so these have been languishing in their box, waiting for a better home. Price Drop: 650-> $425.+ shipping
Glad to see it's still holding up well!
Hi @ericgereghty - We could do a non-patch on one of the structured jackets. There would be an additional fee because the tailor would have to draw up a new pattern that disrupts his regular flow.
Yup. Saw this one. It's a fascinating discussion, and often comes up with proponents of "respectability politics" (the notion that if blecks dressed or presented themselves "better", they would not face as much harassment or mistreatment). However, one should keep in mind that MLK and many men during the civil rights movement were wearing suiting/tailoring when beaten by the police and set-upon by dogs. Ultimately, one's presentation, no matter how safe or elegant, will...
Hi All, I'll be visiting Brazil (specifically Sao Paolo) for the first time next week. Will be there for a week with a relatively clear schedule so I'm open to any and all recommendations. Thanks. W.
Thanks. Not sure how familiar the community is with them, but here are some of my scarves:Also super excited about the upcoming collection which features large square-shaped Hermes-style scarves with similarly artistic prints.
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