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Here in Philadelphia the summers can be burtal. I've found that there is nothing I can do to mitigate the sweat. The best purchase I've made was a two dozen handkerchiefs. At least you'd be able to wipe that sweat off if none of the other suggestions work. I also wear basic cotton undershirts to hlep with the sweat soaking through my dress shirts. /I like the teleport idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by JonHecht Wallets are outmoded technology. I just picked up one of these And I keep my change/money of all sorts in my pocket. Oftentimes I give my change to homeless people, if it starts to get bulky. I just picked up one of these today, for $48 bucks I could not pass it up.
Well if you're trying to source another one on the cheap try InvictaShark They have a new watch everyday. I've purchased once from them before. Shipping was pretty quick, I got my stuff in a few days. IIRC they ship out of Maine or somewhere like that.
Kensington locks are wayyy to easy to be defeated. When I called them on this, their attitude was "it's not a prevention system, only a deterrent" No matter what you do, if someone wants it, they're going to get it.
Baume & Mercier Riveria Sport. They're not all that common.
I have the Nuptse from North Face and absolutely love it. Their non down vests are quite nice also.
Quote: Originally Posted by DeCaloFashion1 Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece fit me the best. +1 on the Brooks Brothers, Once I started wearing them I threw out all my RL, GAP, Banana Republic Polos. Also EVERYONE you see seems to be wearing RL Polo's. Now with the "Big Pony" Polo's I think they look silly.
Quote: Originally Posted by kookydooky Are coin pouches an accepted thing though or is it something one would be ridiculed for This was exactly what I was wondering also. Are coin purses only reserved for Grandpa? I suppose to avoid all of this you could just suck it up and always get change and empty out your pockets when you get back to the office / home. There is one thing that I hate the most is if you buy something that it's $3.05 you...
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