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Those legs......
Dang I missed it!
That's great. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nananine Damn!!!
[/quote] That's it! That's the one!
A very nice read. Thanks.
Kiya, That's one cool glasses!
I like it, but don't think it's worth the asking price.
DROP on Zegna, Marzotto Lab and BOSS Orange Jacket.
Hi All, The followings are up for your considerations. Prices include shipping in CONUS and paypal fee. Marzotto Lab for Barneys - US38R - medium gray (charcoal) in good condition. Made In Italy. $85 Jacket: s/s - 17.5 p/p - 20 s/l - 25 Pants: w - 15.5 t - 12.5 knee - 8.5 inseam - 30 (with 3" of fabric to let) l/o - 8 Zegna 3-button double vents. EU46R/US36R. Light grey with very nice light pink stripes. Made in Switzerland. Good condition. SOLD Jacket: s/s -...
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