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Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Warehouse sale at Lizard Lounge in Portland this weekend. Up to 80% off. I'll be there!
There's a bunch of Nau stuff on sale, 30 - 50% off!
Quote: Originally Posted by oboy_oboy I love the merino2 stuff, esp the stripe crew. but yeah, the "acid" color is damn hard for anyone to look good in. Well I must be the exception. I have the acid merino crew and the acid Free range Shirt (much less yellow and more green than the crew), love them and always get compliments. Course I'm older, so people may just be faking kindness! Dave
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I can vouch for the merino2 long sleeve zip. It's thin, but a great base/mid layer. And the merino2 long sleeve crews are great as well. I get complimented every time I wear mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I'm looking through blu-rays on the amazon page and I see that they've just released a north by northwest 50th anniversary edition on blu-ray. There aren't any review about the quality of the disc. For those of you with experience with the format, have you ever compared the DVD to the blu-ray for older movies? I'm genuinely curious. Oh and is anyone else annoyed to hell that studios are doing the same shit as they...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Which is just natures payback because he is such a massive prick. Well if nature actually worked that way, I'd stay indoors if I were you.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Did it have that oily feel? No. Mine doesn't feel oily. Someone else suggested feeling a $900 cashmere sweater to compare. Hmm...of course this does not feel like a $900 cashmere sweater. It feels like cashmere but not high end cashmere. But at 10 bucks the material is soft and looks good. Buying one or 2 is a no-brainer to me.
I bought one of his scarves and it seems very nice, especially for the price. But I'm no expert and can't comment on whether it was made in Scotland or not.
Let's not forget that this is a man who has had serious health problems for years, including a liver transplant in April. It just might be possible that the brand of jeans he is wearing isn't at the top of his list of what's important in life.
It isn't just that Jobs is a billionaire and doesn't care. BTW, I think he does care. His style comes from running two of the most successful, innovative, and yes, stylish companies in the world. Apple products and Pixar films are inexerably associated with Steve J. and in those 2 businesses style doesn't mean what it does on this forum. I work in the high tech industry and Steve's attire doesn't say "I'm rich and don't care" it says "I'm a creative, innovative engineer...
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