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Quote: Originally Posted by travisttt I saw the RLBL Escape Jacket ( in South Coast Plaza the other day. I thought it looked stupid online but was very impressed in person. Great details, especially the cuffs. Yeah - i was actually thinking about something like that. Here's one I found that I liked I mean what do you guys wear during fall when its too warm for a peacoat/overcoat...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one may I suggest a varsity jacket? You may not. Quote: Leather moto style jacket. Are you referring to a solid color jacket, or one with stripes/designs on them? I could see maybe a solid color one, but racing jackets should stay out of daily wear. I dont wear my biking spandex out to picnics as summer wear either.
Quote: Originally Posted by RQC2700 Sunspel, the same one Craig wears in Casino Royale. I have 2 and they are by far the most comfortable polos I own So that's what it was... I always wondered. What about the short sleeve button up shirts he wears in QoS and CR?
As someone who is 6'1 and 145, there is some great great stuff in here Bookmarked this thread
Hi, first time poster here. What are some of the casual jacket styles for this fall that are currently making rounds? I already have a pea coat for the rainier and colder weather but was looking at something for the 50-60 degree weather. Not too bulky, but not too thin and more casual. Thanks! P.S. My apologies if this thread was made already, but I flipped through the last 20 pages of posts and did a few searches and came up with nothing.
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