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A lax top is not quite as bad as calling the LRG item a "blazer" and adding a ticket pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy I have Firefox too but it's slower for some sites. It's a great thing to have both, and you also have the choice of Chrome, Safari and Opera. Reason enough not to overpost, and thus lead people (who might have wanted to help) to gloss over them.
I hope everyone who helped gets a cut of the sales.
Sounds like you have javascript disabled. Go to tools/internet options/advanced to make sure it's enabled. Go here to get the latest version as well: If you still can't resolve it in IE, you have a legitimate reason to visit SF with Firefox.
What browser are you using? If Firefox, do you have NoScript installed? If so, allow styleforum.
Quote: Originally Posted by ekinwang thrift hunting sounds interesting (and surprisingly exciting...). are there any recommendations for the NYC area worth taking a look at? thanks! My portly post a page back has some recommendations, although they are somewhat regurgitated. Most are listed in the yellow pages, though.
I beg of you.
This is not altogether surprising to me, considering how willing they are to liquidate their stock to salvage companies. There's so much Covington and Arrow clothes at closeout stores you'd think they went under already. Quote: Originally Posted by masqueofhastur This is something I was wondering too. I don't really care about Sears, but Land's End I am worried about. x2. What would happen to LE? Would their guarantee survive this? It would...
Ah, thanks. I see it now. Fubu and Sean John too. That just smacks of quality. Does PRL vet the specific designs, or do they just rake in their cut of the sales? Same with AL.
Re: The Op's post: Ralph lost control over Lauren? Despite the low quality, I thought PRL still owned that line. American Living is also missing from the OP's list. Speaking of which, is AL owned by PRL, or just Ralph consulting with a wholly separate co. producing it?
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