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Thanks again all. Quote: Originally Posted by I. Gentantithesis PRL black linen canvas (18 - 20 oz.) @ $365 in the late '90s or early '00s. I shall seek that out. A picture at least.
Maybe a bit below your expectation, but at a lower price point a "decent" polo can be found at Eddie Bauer. I was a little surprised by a recent purchase compared to a LE. The fabric was fairly comparable.
Quote: Originally Posted by CYstyle really? -_- 10 years is a decent run, if you took better care of it, I would think it could easily be more. That's abusing the return policy. plus, it's just a crappy thing to do. I would be embarrassed doing something like that. You make it sound as if he abused it. Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay +100 -100 IF when he purchased the coat he was given the impression it...
Quote: Originally Posted by dsmolken I might have seen a black safari jacket in a Far Side cartoon featuring "the epitome of evil among butterfly collectors", I think his name was professor DeArmond or something similar. My memory of this is dim, but he may have had a black pith helmet, too. Hmm, that wasn't where I saw it (for real), but considering that was a black & white cartoon, it could have been any color....
All from one brand?
More out of curiosity than any intent to buy (who knows, though), I was wondering if any label, now or past, sold safari jackets in colors other than khaki? I had once seen one in black (guess where), but I suspect it was a one-off. I see no mention online of any other than the khaki/stone/sand/natural variety. Of course, this is the place to ask for sure.
His personal security must love the OT pay. He could spark a race war attacking a country star. His posted apology even reiterated that Beyonce was better than Swift. Oof.
Weather dictates it for me. 80° in NYC today, and I plan on shirt, shorts and boat shoes. (Not at work, of course)
The patch is called a "Heel liner" and all the main shoe/foot care brands make them (Kiwi, Scholl's etc). Not sure without pics, but these may be for you. I needed to use these to break in some suede lined boat shoes that were abrading the backs of my heels and getting shiny.
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat I have a red/white butcher stripe and a green with white pencil stripe. Otherwise, it's all white, blue, or both. (Somewhere I have a black shirt for impersonating a member of the Catholic clergy, but it's not in the rotation.) You're a bizarro me. I love the butcher/bengal look. It's solids I have less of.
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