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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B You know....those are incredibly comfortable. Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Corduroy jackets are kosher, corduroy trousers are kosher. If it's at thrift prices, go for it. Worst case scenario, you have an odd jacket and odd trousers. I think it's been established that both work, but that the vest is the issue. That would look odd in any situation other...
Great example of how bad things are going at Sears. This was one hell of a cockup: (Last few pages are post-meltdown)
There's plenty good ones here, you'll just have more competition. Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku - 2 beat up Oxxford sportcoats. $1 each. I got them to salvage the buttons. The jackets themselves went straight to the donation pile The same church? You probably sent the saleslady into confession after taking the lord's name in vain having seen the same jacket returned again in even an even more unsalable condition.
I like that they kept the green shorts.
Reasonable expectations aside, repeat that word for word to a BB clerk, and they may insist on offering a refund or replacement.
These are staples at LL Bean, Eddie Bauer and other outdoor outfitters.
I only looked online, but Filson was where I went first.
Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma Probably, but the collar stay is fused into the shirt. I could heat it up to get it out of the shirt, but I suspect that may aggrevate the problem. If you've decided on a collar replacement, then you might as well give removing it a shot first. If it totally melted, then it's probably shot, but if adhered partially, you might be able to blow dry it to a temperature at which you could pull/peel it out with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar It lasted 10 years....and now he wants to return it. The key issue is common sense.......or maybe not so common..... Regards. Uh huh. Obviously, from the post alone, I would be inclined to believe the same, but I'm not this guy, and I have no idea what the salesperson said. That's why I specified. If someone goes in with exploitation in mind, I have no sympathy, but one the fence, and literally sold...
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