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Two orphaned jackets I bought on clearance when more naieve and had believed were blazers or sportcoats (one was a cream pinstripe!). Gah, what an embarassment. They saw me coming a mile away.
For another color of a style you tried in-store in your size, there's no risk. For another style of a brand you have tried in store in your size, there's some risk. For another brand than a pair you own in your size, a hell of a risk. Widths, lengths and depth all depend on the lasts used for the shoes, making a size as specific as "11 EEE" often too broad a definition. Obviously, this gets more muddled and often erroenous the lower the brand you go, so in general I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mathew J They are tearing up my heel not the shoes heel I guess you've never heard of heel liners, then. They are adhesive pads placed within the shoe to protect the foot from abrasion. I have used them to break in some boat shoes once that were cutting up my heels until that area of the shoe softened enough to wear without them. They are available from Kiwi, Dr Scholl's etc in gel, foam or even corduroy.
I think the Sperry Mako Lug 3 eye would fit the bill nicely for winter.
True, but I thought that thread had evolved into general thrift talk.
Shouldn't this be in here?
You need to buy some heel liners if you decide to keep them, but you shouldn't have to.
Call it enlightenment, or just a review, but I just noticed an interesting aspect of the American Living (PRL for JCP) vs actual PRL line similarities... Yesterday, I was in a JCP and noticed that they had American Living shoes. Now, I generally don't buy PRL shoes, but I have looked at their styles. One AL style called "Callum" looked very familiar to me, but I couldn't say it was a PRL copy or not. Still, I tried them on, and they were pretty comfortable, and for less...
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat The question was whether the OP should buy the suit at all. Still, I say full steam ahead on the whole suit. It would depend on the cut, but I'd like to see it in action. Actually, he asked what the expert opinion was on the idea of a three-piece cord suit. Reiterating, it seems the majority above find no fault with the idea of a jacket or trousers, but the lack of endorsement of a cord vest may be...
Must all be colorfast. Don't start shopping in India.
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