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It's really not an "instead" option. These are entirely different functions. You don't see subscribed threads here unless you specifically go through the effort to visit the subscribed threads section on your profile and click that. (Which I usually don't) Subscribing mainly allows you to be notified of an update when you're away from the board. Personal Sticky (aka "MySticky") allows you to monitor threads you find important then read and reply to them without browsing...
I looked for a thread about RL fakes, and so here we go... I got this in a thrift shop bag sale once. It doesn't have a blue label, but the smaller tag has a RN number (RN 22776): I wondered if the blue label were removed (not impossible when looking at this particular design), and/or if the smaller label is easily identifiable as fake.
Hey, Admins, there's a vBulletin option that may be in this version, or possible to add, to allow members to sticky their own threads to the top of a forum for themselves. (They see it) I would love to se that here.
I've seen them, but few and far between. I wouldn't make the cuff too long.
With the right sole, a good pair of mid boots ease the shock of foot falls that dress shoes don't protect against, but then sneakers are supposed to do the same. Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty What's next for you to question? Driving shoes and no car? Boat shoes and no boat ? Basketball sneakers and tennis shoes, but you don't play? Alligator shoes and not one Ho ? Formal slippers and nothing formal to attend? etc., etc., I...
TJMaxx, Marshall's and DSW are in the same vein as Daffy's as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ziss I find it easiest to just mail the store in question and ask for their advice about fit. They tend to have a good idea of how their shoes fit in comparison with other brands and are usually happy to help. As I pointed out, each brand can use different lasts, and so a fit can vary by style within a brand. The average salesperson simply comparing brand to brand does not engender my confidence. One from a high-end...
Outlet in what context? A brand outlet like Polo Ralph Lauren, or a clearance one like Daffy's or Marshalls?
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