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"Upscale" and "Exclusive" are not terms I would use to describe either brand short of from the perspective of a Walmart shopper. This is the average comparison in a nutshell: RL produces a more classic cut polo compared to Lacoste, which now produces a more athletic cut than the IZOD / Lacoste days. Although, the quality of materials from Lacoste is better. Now, Lacoste made in France may be far superior, but you'll have to go there to buy those.
Might be worth looking into: Rebate:
Quote: Originally Posted by xbearx This is not a person from china trying to act like they live in Africa. I live in Indiana and I am trying to hook people up with fresh polos so I can pay for my school loans. That's the funniest part.
Perhaps so, but there are a lot of one-store and small chain off-price shops popping up. No idea about the one the OP mentions, but C21/Loehmanns/TJM/Marshalls are getting some small time competition these days.
Quote: Originally Posted by Asch Geek, If you need bookmark sync with Linux, the Firefox extension Xmarks works well (of course, the same cannot be said for Firefox itself in Linux, at least Ubuntu...). Like others, I am too attached to a few Firefox extensions to make the jump to another browser just for a speed gain, but I'm glad that the competition should drive FF developers to speed up their program. Same here. Most especially my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Taken Aback Call it enlightenment, or just a review, but I just noticed an interesting aspect of the American Living (PRL for JCP) vs actual PRL line similarities... Yesterday, I was in a JCP and noticed that they had American Living shoes. Now, I generally don't buy PRL shoes, but I have looked at their styles. One AL style called "Calum" looked very familiar to me, but I couldn't say it was a PRL copy or not. Still, I...
My mom couldn't keep her hands off a wang during the 80's. When they were gone she went through heavy withdrawl. They never appealed to me. I guess it was a woman thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive ^fugly I don't disagree. Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM How do you know it was even a RL once? A (bad) hunch. The RN tag looked a bit like another from RL, and the brand label was missing. I could see myself considering the PRL label more valuable, so a snip and toss was plausible to me. Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 You can input the RN...
I've also read that they sometimes delete clearance items from the system before removing them from the floor to salvage. There was some story of a woman who had wanted to buy an item that was likely cleared to 50 cents before deletion, but they would only sell to her for original MSRP.
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