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I want a medal if I did.
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 SA stores are a better bet, esp in Brooklyn and Queens. True. Some stores may have a copy of the location list they can give you. Doesn't hurt to have it laminated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Apple Monarchy At last, I have finished reading this entire thread. Quote: Originally Posted by kalice Finally me too! Now i feel like i finally have enough information to start thrifting Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin You are one very sick man! Add me to the list of the afflicted. I did pick out some truisms that beared repeating, and some things...
It's Daffy's, actually. They are in the same pool as TJMaxx and Marshall's. A closeout/liquidation store, not a thrift shop. Century 21 is a smaller chain in the same pool. Housing Works is an AIDS charity thrift shop. It's a bit more upscale and boutiquey than national thirift chains like Salvation Army or Goodwill and in turn pricier, with a staff more likely to know designer label values.
That's what they look to be, actually. Other confirmation that they are 2010 Sperry's would be nice, of course...
Quote: Originally Posted by stylesmurf maybe it's more spam? Is it just me or is there an epidemic of spam of SF, the likes of which I do not see on other popular forums? Possibly. Although the link works now, and the image itself is here:
I'm getting an internal server error from that link.
Suits are another story (not always seen at these stores, and when they are, they are very low end RTW/OTR), but for shirts and polos, you should seriously scout closeout chains like Marshalls/TJMaxx and especially independent stores which carry liquidation and salvage if you have a free weekend. This would be easier in a big city like NYC, but you may have luck locally. I have seen new and authentic PRL/Lacoste polos for $20 and below at such places. Even IZODs for $5 are...
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