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No clue whether Burlington Coat Factory extends into Canada, but they have Sperry's too (saw some there yesterday for $35)
Same here, no attachment, no inline image.
I see that American Living (RL) is made in Hong Kong as well.
Thought I said that...
Whatever else, this increases the likliehood that counterfeit PRL polos might actually be real, and "just fell off a truck".
Zappos and other sites often have sales and codes reported on slickdeals. I'd monitor the hot deals over there for those. There's also closeout stores like Marshalls's and the like which have had Sperrys repeatedly.
Quote: Originally Posted by kngrimm Lemony goodness. This is such a great thread. Learned quite a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit Amazingly, the best experience I've had has been with Lenovo laptops. I have to agree, although they aren't as multimedia-minded when designing them. Lenovo's best, the Thinkpads, are designed more for business.
An abandoned factory untouched since the 80s???? Was this high in the Andes? How many shirpas were lost along the way?
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy i have had some success with very good jackets having them shortened from the shoulder, but it was pretty expensive (IIRC $40 to $50 per sleeve) and my tailor warned that it wouldn't work on all my jackets. Ow, per sleeve. I see now.
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