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If you get one, the burgundy or dark green seem best.
Also like the second from the left, with fourth as runner up. The art-deco ones always look the best.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy How about this Hermes scarf jacket lining? I love stuff like that.
RN #41381 is a common RL number. I've also never seen an RL item, authentic or otherwise, that did not possess a tag with an RN. The only times that I have not seen a RN, which is standard even amng low-end brands, are on liquidated surplus clothes that were never branded.
Provided you dress for an urban outing; a Hefty Freeman suit, and Kleenex box-toed oxfords, you should be fine.
I think that's every pattern that can be seen by the human eye. Maybe some that cross into UV as well.
I'm actually using a cane at times, so wearing one would be a moot issue. I just hobble about with an average stained wood one, but I'd upgrade if the need were more permanent. Even in that situation, I wouldn't be caught dead with some aluminum adjustable. Quote: Originally Posted by barims I'm an umbrella guy, but I'm thinking about trading up to a cane. What can I say, this guy does inspire me: I wish they actually licensed some...
Quote: Originally Posted by CasmirRadon The second week I found a very good condition canvas garment bag from Eddie Bauer. Couldn't find anything online that looked like this, but it has the Ford logo as you can see, so it might have been related to their SUV's (some other promotional campaign?). This one was $4. Damn, I think that might be older. I remember one of these from years ago, from which I still have some hangers. In...
I know there's some B&T shops in the city. CasualMale has one on 23rd & Third. They're known for carrying some PRL, Nautica etc. Plus there's always JCPenney, but the quality takes a dive in comparison.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Love the girls matching outfits... Not so sure of the creepy old man on the right... I feel certain someone somewhere has already photoshopped a certain bear into that picture.
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