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Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 It's Apolis Activism on Context. It's wool, mink, and cashmere. And it has some insulation. A little expensive but I like it so probs going to get it anyway and it seems versatile with the light insulation. Why don't you like the TOJ jackets? For something that quality and totally custom sized and everything you could easily spend a couple grand. He's only going to be taking orders for a couple more weeks so I would...
Anyone recommend any good cold weather jackets that arent the typical NF type style? but which will also keep me warmer than the average fashion jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 I would say get a warm down coat. It doesn't matter what it looks like really as long as it fits good. Then get something a little more stylish that could still keep you warm on non-freezing days. Like I'm probably going to layer this under my TOJ bomber for most days but when it's real cold or I don't feel like leather I'll use the down. I guess youre right.. What is that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 They look better in person and they fit great. Go Canada Goose if you want to be more baller but the MH down coat is actually really nice. I'm having a TOJ jacket made but I'm still getting a MH for the cold snowy days. Nah, canada goose are horrific...its not about the money, i just dont like that generic look :sad2: but i also dont like freezing my ass off..its tough finding something nice..yeah the toj...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 ^^^ If you need a real cold weather coat, like something serious don't go with either of those. I just tried on a Mountain Hardwear Downtown coat and those things are nice. They are down filled so super warm but they have a slim and snug fit for a down coat. With a backcountry discount code you can get them for $250 to. That's definitely going to be my coat for really cold days. Patagonia makes a couple nice down...
Currently using a small card holder wallet from saddleback leather..very hardy...but i have a bunch, its a problem of mine I love my maxx and unicorn wallet..
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle [IMG][/MG] If you take this out of your pocket, noone will be able to say a word. They will just bow down. are you gonna carry the box around too? just to prove its real an all..
I need a cold weather jacket and im not keen on the standard black, glossy cold weather jackets from the main brands..and the more fashionable coats arent really up to the task of keeping me im thinking about a canvas style jacket..kinda like the look of these. columbia Superdry..this one doesnt seem as warm but looks better. should i buy? or if anyone can suggest anything similar that would be great,.
Talking of shoe porn, i was in the lodger store today and god they have some sexual shoes in there.
My messenger bag came in today..lovely and its sturdy as hell.
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