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Its not actually me in the pics fyi, but thanks for the comments.
Bit loose up top?
any fit pics on these?
Looking forward to seeing the pics..Ill be in seoul soon and will be looking for a decent tailor.
anyone ID this jacket?
that IWC looks lovely.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Are you asking about particular suit jacket styles: such as single or double breasted? Or are you asking for specific brands? And when you say "bigger" do you mean bulging muscles or chubby? Yes, styles rather than brands. Well i wouldnt say bulging muscles just yet..but yeah, a muscular big rather than a fat big.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Yes. I have absolutely no idea how i wrote can instead of what...thats just weird
WHAT kind of suits look best on bigger guys? 5'10, 200lbs, big shoulders and chest..
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz NF? Sorry, North Face.
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