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Woolrich Woolen Mills Upland Jacket in Denim. Brand new with tags. Size Large (fits closer to medium, standard Upland fit). Shipping included to US/CAN. PM for shipping elsewhere. Soft, yet structured denim fabric with beautiful printed cotton lining (see second photo with jacket reversed). Super comfortable. Chest: 21.5" Shoulders: 18.5" Arms: 26.5" Length: 28" (from base of collar)
A bumper crop of Gitman Vintage in size Medium. The green/khaki/navy solids in the first pic have been worn 2-3 times each. $95 each. The red/blue and]blackwatch plaids in the second pic have been worn once. The third is brand new. $95 each. The shirts in the third pic have been worn more often, but in great shape. The blue solid in that photo is linen. $85 each. Shipping is $10 flat, regardless of how many shirts you order. Payment by Paypal (person to person to avoid...
Added, monsieur.
Engineered Garments x Levis 501 1947 Made in USA NWT Gorgeous fabric and dye, hidden rivets, unusual black stitching for arcuates, etc, red trim on inside cuff. Two sizes available, 33x36 and 34x36. Standard LVC shrink-to-fit sizing. Rare as heck. From a limited 9-piece EG capsule collection for Levi's after Daiki won a design award. http://lyramag.blogspot.com/2008/09/gq-levis-bloomingdales-soho-toast-best.html Model on left is wearing the denim.
Engineered Garments Field Parka Olive Medium F/W 2012 NWT The F/W 2012 version of the Field Parka was the finest version to date in my opinion. It reaches the Platonic ideal of EG outerwear. Olive wool lining. Brand new with tags. Priced $200 below 2013 F/W Field Parka (less fetching design, not available in olive). Fit is spot on for a medium. Slimmer fit than earlier versions of the Field Parka. Arms are streamlined, not bulky. Chest: 21.5" Collar seam (where back of...
Wanted: Gitman Vintage Navy Seersucker Cherry Print in Short Sleeve. Size M. Here's a picture: http://www.hickorees.com/brand/gitman-brothers-vintage/product/short-sleeve-button-down-collar-shirt-navy-seersucker-w--cherry-print Thanks!
SNS Herning Start Triple Blue Special (Tres Bien Shop) - Medium. Brand new with tags. $275 shipped to USA. It's sold out in this size at TBS. http://www.tresbienshop.com/brand/sns-herning/stark-triple-blue-special You know the one. Sold out now at TBS. Or check the SNS Herning thread for more: http://www.styleforum.net/t/138633/sns-herning-fits/1860 Just got this and I'm torn over whether to keep this based on fit for me. I haven't tried Starks from past seasons, but...
Wings and Horns Archive. Plaid Shirts. Size Large (fits more like Medium). Made in Japan. New with Tags. $10 shipping per order. Amazing fabric, check the close up pictures to see the subtle herringbone weave in the flannel cloth. Measurements for both shirts: Chest: 22" Shoulders: 18" Wings and Horns Plaid Shirt in Navy/Red - $110 SOLD. Wings and Horns Plaid Shirt in Cream/Yellow - $110. SOLD.
Wings and Horns Seersucker Shorts. Size 34. $75. Made in Japan. Purchased from Stels in 2011. New without tags. Brand new, unworn. $10 shipping.
Close-up of Glen Plaid:
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