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How about the medium travel bag or the sportsman's bag? For a dslr I'm thinking the briefcase form factor isn't the best.
I have a pair of these monk straps. It looks like they are made by C&J. Since they're Peal-branded, does anyone know if I can send them to C&J for re-soling/recrafting, or is it better to send them to B. Nelson?
I would stick to jeans or chinos with those because they are so casual.
It also looks like there's something very funky going on with the shoulders. I think you can do better for EUR 740.
They were very helpful on the phone responding to my question about sizing for a pair of Loake Eton loafers, and delivery took 2 days to the U.S. I was very very happy.
Maybe something along these lines?
Hello all, As the title says, I'm looking for a nice fall jacket to wear on my commute to work on days when I'm not wearing a suit or sportcoat. When I am wearing a suit, I'll just wear my raincoat. So I'm looking for something more casual and perhaps slightly warmer than my raincoat. People seem to like the waxed cotton jackets from Barbour and Filson, but I wondered if styleforum has any particular suggestions that won't break the bank. If I did go with waxed...
Thanks all. It's a tough decision, for sure.
Can anyone comment on the Pullman vs. the Medium Travel Bag as a carry-on for business and other travel? I'm thinking about something that will fit 2 suits, 2 pairs of shoes, 4-5 shirts, toiletries, etc. My concerns are: Do people find that both bags fit into overhead bins and the carry-on sizers? Does the Pullman just get too heavy? Is the Medium Travel Bag is large enough? Is the Medium Travel Bag more versatile, for packing casual clothes on vacation, etc.?
I think if the tags are on and it is in resalable condition, there's no harm in returning something just because when you got home and had more time to try the item on, you decided it didn't work for you after all. Stores want you to do this, because in the end knowing you can return something leads to more sales.
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