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Thanks all. It's a tough decision, for sure.
Can anyone comment on the Pullman vs. the Medium Travel Bag as a carry-on for business and other travel? I'm thinking about something that will fit 2 suits, 2 pairs of shoes, 4-5 shirts, toiletries, etc. My concerns are: Do people find that both bags fit into overhead bins and the carry-on sizers? Does the Pullman just get too heavy? Is the Medium Travel Bag is large enough? Is the Medium Travel Bag more versatile, for packing casual clothes on vacation, etc.?
I think if the tags are on and it is in resalable condition, there's no harm in returning something just because when you got home and had more time to try the item on, you decided it didn't work for you after all. Stores want you to do this, because in the end knowing you can return something leads to more sales.
I'm not sure I understand your point here - you agree that returning $4k in NOS stuff from the 1970s is abusing the policy, but you think they shouldn't do anything about it because of their customer service commitment. I think the modified policy is appropriate given the price point they compete at - BB is competing with Tyrwhitt and the other Retailer Xs. If they were charging Charvet prices, I would expect more of a commitment to the garment for its normal life...
The thing is, a loyal customer does not bring years-old merchandise to the store expecting a refund. A liberal return policy on merchandise that "just isn't wearing well" only works if customers respect the intent behind the policy - to do right by the customer where the merchandise is truly faulty - and do not try to take advantage of the store. If you have people coming in who just bring in worn out socks for replacement, then you know your policy isn't working.
Why don't you post some of the shoes you are considering, so you can get feedback. There are hundreds of shoes on the Piperlime site.
There are a few other Barbour models that are more tailored. Try to find a shop with a broader selection.
Interesting that your pants wore out in 2 years. That seems quite fast given 1 wear per week.
Thanks very much. Theresa at Luxire said she'd like to make some adjustments to the armhole on future orders, but I really do think they did a good job copying the original shirt. And just to be fair to Luxire, other shirtmakers have told me the original shirt was oddly made - very tight hip and a severe taper on the sleeve.
Here's the photo. I stand corrected on the fit - it's not too bad for a first shirt. I think I will only need a few tweaks going forward.
New Posts  All Forums: