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Does anyone know any isaora stockists in nyc?
Pic of blender setup
I have a charcoal +J blazer that I love love love and would super like to get pants to turn it into a suit. Here's hoping the fabric will match.
Added an afternoon shake to the routine in place of quest bar. More calories but i feel better having fruits and veggies instead of whatever's in them.
weed allows me to put my appetite on manual. I don't really get hungry but i also don't really get full.
i don't smoke cigarettes, i smoke fools like you on the bball court.
i would but i'm a ho.
wow, such taste, very patrician
it's hard to capture what's good about them. I double fried them (low and then high) which gives a super tender inside + super crispy outside, and then did did a light buffalo drizzle. They're super awesome but super not photogenic.
You sound positively schumpeterian
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