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I with basically the premise of reducing animal suffering and environmental degredation. I also felt like I hit major rut cooking-wise by focusing so much cooking on meat. The harm reduction approach also allows you to justify eating meat once in a while if there are no non-meat options, it's a special occasion etc., though after doing it for a few months, i've somewhat lost the taste of meat though and i definitely enjoy it less. Also dem seitan macros. Vegan is too...
vegetables are awesome and anyone who disagrees is a fucking moron. I also eat 3-4 pieces of fruit as afternoon snacks. Just keep them at my desk; it's not that hard.
I go to planet fitness where there are 4 smith machines which is the extent of the things people can use for a facsimile of barbell exercises. People have gotten pretty good at creating a system for sharing but some people (mostly teenagers) are real dickheads about it. For us, the "how many sets do you have left?" is code for "I got next, but let me know if someone's in front of me". It's still awful at peak hours but that's why you don't go at peak hours. I actually...
You guys are all just socially inept. You ask how many sets the person has to let them know you're waiting/give them an opportunity to let you know someone's in front of you, and then you stretch and warm up nearby while they finish up. What kind of dickhead gym do you go to where you have to physically be in a line. It's not that hard or unpleasent to listen to a podcast or music and get some stretching in. If someone had claimed a rack and then gone and fucked off to...
I'd rather have a knife made by somebody I know than a fancy "better" knife. Don't be such a fucking hater because he calls it a ninja knife or whatever.
My plan is to follow the presedential election super closely.
I have a victronox fibrox. You don't need to baby them and can replace them when they get messed up. I might spring for a fancy knife eventually but i'd rather have other toys first.
Another convert. Now we just need to convert conceptionist and this thread will have fully broed out.
Probably some combination of:SquatDeadlift or Stiff Leg DeadliftBench pressPull-UpsRowsShoulder press+Arm work for aestheticsssFigure out what sets/reps work best for you i guess. 5x5 or 3x10 or even 3x5 if you're trying to go heavier.
I want to see peyton retire with a ring but I don't see it happening. Don't mind a carolina win though.
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