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i'll be in vegas for work but not edc. went to the nyc one. it was pretty fun.
i totally didn't realized this thread exists. I'll share my opinion when things aren't crazy at work.
One shitty one
Fuuuuarrrk, went to pick up a dumbbell, felt a pop in my right ring finger. It's more discolored irl. Hurts when i grip things and feels swollem. Googling says it's an A2 pulley injury and climbers get it a lot So sick of injuries. Fml
Found a yoga class one subway stop away. Lots of times, good instructor, nice space, cheap and full of gorgeous girls. Still gotta figure out what I can do with my shoulder (the intense shoulder openers kinda hurt) but i'm psyched.
5'6" and 165 right now, down from 172 two weeks ago. Want to get down to 160 before going back to maintenance to end up around 165 hopefully leaner than this.
me too (multi trainers in 8 )
In for the event but not dinner (early morning, long train ride home).
just realized the hack squat machine i can squat without shoulder issues. Doing 5 facing forward, 5 facing back just to get used to the movement. Started with 270 on the machien but who knows how much that translates to. Legs are jelly. Feels good man
hahaha if you're going to go for stern housing be prepared for 350 sq feet 2 bedrooms.
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