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If you got the time i'd check out century 21, you can probably get something nicer than Syms, but syms will probably hook you up right quick.
Uniqlo Polos are actually awful.
try the old navy slim fit. Size down one. IMO you don't need a big taper with a polo as long as you fill out the top block and let it hang a bit. You'll look thick and joocy regardless.
Skirt Steak, Spaghetti Squash, Swiss Chard/Collared Greens
you should get her to lift and kop qt3.14 Valkyrie gf
Haven't been to Santuka yet, but hit up a bunch of the city spots and while it isn't anywhere close to the "better" places (that make real Tonkotsu broth), if you get some fresh noodles. The noodles I used are actually from Mitsuwa (my gf lives right there). Are you in NJ?
made ramen [[SPOILER]]
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