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Oh btw coldsnap you were asking for cheaper versions of that weird japanese western aesthetic? Ralph lauren denim supply actually makes stuff that can be styled in the way you want.
I studied all of this pretty extensively in school. A few things; Outsourcing and automization increase productivity which increases global wealth. This is a good thing. The question is just how it's distributed. This is a similar issue as finance, whichincreases market liquidity and capital availability, and allows companies to mitigate risk (this is the idea behind securitization) but the distribution of those returns to capital shift to the upper part of the spectrum....
that sounds amazing.
My dad used to work for capital IQ.
i'm actually kind of over the super heavy tonkotsu style broths. Give me a good miso or shoyu any day.
Yup. I'm finding that shallow or deep frying at a high temperature with very high smoke point oil is getting me the best crust. I really want to do burgers again but deep fry them.
the post-vacation poop-purge has begun.
These 5 days in nashville made me gain 13 lbs. I'm bloated as all fuck. Gotta go back on dat cut before June 1st tho.
They're both pretty far out in brooklyn. They seem a bit cheap but I had a pretty big/nice 3.5 BR place in that area for 2.4/mo so that's not unreasonable.
Thanks for the Nashville recs guys, we hit up Hattie b's, husk (twice), Rolf and daughters, Monells, Dino's, 308, 3 crows bar, crema, barista parlor, Paterson house, some honkey tonk bars on Broadway, olive and Sinclair, martins BBQ and then took a day trip out to the mammoth caves. Fun time!
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