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swd rules mc droolz stay out of our cool club lamer you just wouldn't understand how creative and unique we all are here you formulaic square.
Amazon will have most of what you need. Also ramen noodles are slightly different than regular angel hair because they're more alkaline and have a distinctively springy/chewy texture. Also the alkalinity helps them brown better if you're doing a stir fry and makes them
I asked my therapist and he said it wasn't going to be a problem. I'm 2 months post surgery now so the acute phase is basically over.
Depends on what you want to make. Homemade stock made from bones and aromatics goes a long way towards making delicious shit, and you can even make them in the slow cooker, particularly if you roast the bones first. Hit up an asian market and get some dashi packets and miso paste. Soy Sauce, toasted sesame oil, thai chili paste, gochujang (korean chili paste), sriracha, mirin (rice wine) and rice vinegar are all awesome flavorings. Add coconut milk, curry paste and limes...
I actually kind of like the way quarter zips and polos work on my frame. Button mock-necks and short sleeve button downs are only an OK subsitute
I started cutting Tuesday after I gained some weight post-surgery. MFP goal is -500 calories but i'm trying to overachieve undershoot that by 200. Trying to reduce my IF window to 20/4 (eating from 6-10) and it's working out. The warrior diet protocol allows you to eat fruit, veggies, and yogurt during your "fasting" phase so I'm just eating apples, bananas, pears and greek yogurt when i'd normally be eating lunch/afternoon snack. It's a little difficult but I think I"m...
that taper looks a little sharp.
I get the feeling that SW&D'ers are vastly overestimating their ability to really nail a CM fit.
I'd be upfront but that's just me.
You can always defer b-school if this is an opportunity you can't pass up.
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