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Jets vs. Pats matchup this week is gonna be epiiiic
You could go there and ask them
legit crying from the star wars trailer rn
Chicken gets dry at about 160. Slow cookers cook around 190-212.
Use thighs.If you're doing chicken breasts baking, pan roasting or poaching them is much easier and better. Cut them in half and just brown each side.
That sounds terrible. Don't bother with chicken breasts in the slow cooker they're easy enough to cook on their own.If you're really into the idea of chicken soup, this recipe always works for me and is pretty easy to make.
I used mine to make my own greek yogurt. I'm trying to take a break from eating so much meat.
anything worth doing is worth doing right.I linked this book earlier bc it makes amazing food consistently. Everything from it turns out so so so good.
So happy to have decker and ivory back
we also have a relatively cakewalk schedule. . The only teams that look like they'll be a big challenge will be the pats and bills. Dallas will be pretty competitive but I think it's winnable as well. with our defense we just need fitzpatrick to not mess things up, whom i trust more than geno. I was at our loss to philly and a lot of that was a result of sproles' amazing special teams play + no ivory+decker meaning we had no run game and fitz had to make riskier throws+...
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