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jesus concpetionist you weren't kidding about your energy going down on a 20/4. i lifted yesterday and i was totally gassed.
Ran into ARW at the Ervell sample sale! BB/Ervell/Uniqlo/AE
Fuck, I did exactly this but I forgot to unbuckle my double monks. I will never sprezzatura now.
tie bar/pocketsquare for job interview y/n? media company, market research position. Interviewer is a woman. Navy suit, yellow tie, red ps.
GMO =! organic.
IME Organic meat, dairy and produce does actually taste better. Whether it's "healthier" is another story.
you might just not like chicken.
I mean it's a 20/4 fast but you're allowed to eat fruit + light dairy during the day. Basically it's a fancy way of saying i'm skipping breakfast and having a shake for lunch.
i mean it's actually so I eat more real food. Shake will be fruit + leafy greens + whey (which isn't actually real food but still)
Trying out the warrior diet today. Gonna have a shake for lunch and nothing else.
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