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marinade for chicken
Semilla is awesome. I went there when it opened. The bread is heavenly.
His FB indicates he was in Barcelona with a nice lady.
i mean you consume no calories. If you skip breakfast and don't eat until noon/1 and then cut off your eating at 9 that's pretty easy.
subscribing to this thread. I mostly approaching wine from a food perspective (avid home cook, mostly vegetarian). I have a basic palate (I know how to identify tastes, basic grapes, etc) but I'm not sure how to take "the next step" as it were. I'm mostly going out, keeping track of what i drink and what i like about it, trying to pair that with what i'm eating.
my delts always look better when i add raises to my routine. probably just a pump thing but still.
One thing i learned from Madhur Jeffrey is that you can actually bloom the spices in oil seperately to the lentils (which you cook with aromatics) and then pour in at the end and it makes it much more flavorful. I'd give that a try if you're feeling like changing it up
I like this one personally. The gremolata makes it taste pretty light. Make sure you use good lentils de puy.
I'd do a blog but honestly between school and work, writing copy feels like an immense chore. I just like posting what i make on social media (fb/ig @graphicnovelty) or forums (here, reddit) so i'm engaging with people that already (somewhat) know me.
that's because she is
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