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Thick cut pork chops. 2 hours at 140*. Gf wanted to try an old bay spice rub but it didn't really stand up to searing. Meat was delicious though!
With this recipe formulated for people who don't have a pasta machine.It cooked up nicely but it's hard to get it super consistent thickness.It tastes amazing though. I want to make a lasagna with it.
Homemade Tagliatelle and red wine short rib sauce
synth is right, SVB needs a bit more more shoulder padding to even out his proportions.
took a break from cutting because i was feeling sick and i wanted to see how i even out and tbh, i'm so close to that super aesthetic sub 10% point that I'm gonna hop back on the wagon. Not sure how many lbs it'll take to get there (hovering around 162, down from 167) but i've got lots of time before sun's out guns out. [[SPOILER]]
Duck rinds
if it fits your macros. just have a small lunch and snack on fruit and you can indulge in pretty delicious dinners.
I tupperwared them to work so there's only so much i can do with plating before I get too hungry and just eat them. There I made it smaller so it's more appetizing.
Hoisin glazed pork loin over parsnips.
I'll make a poll. Anyone can vote.
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