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if you're going that high fat why not buy fattier meat to braise/slow cook. It's easier and tastier than reheating chicken breasts, which kind of blow when reheated.
Hey guy nobody knows and whose posting history is just a string of petty shit-fights, why are you coming In here spouting insults like anyone gives a shit what you think? I don't walk into where you work and slap the dick out of your mouth, so how about thinking twice before shitting up this thread your less than valuable opinion and baiting people into petty arguments. This thread is already a garbage fire, but at least it's OUR garbage fire. Nobody needs your...
they are hers. I have boring white person bowls.
Ottolenghi and other stuff Rooibos old fashioned Scallops with Chile Jam and pickled daikon "Tofu" Scallops with Chile Jam and pickled daikon Lentil Soup With Gremolata Cacio e Pepe
Been cooking through the Ottolenghi book Nopi (see the SW&D Food thread for food pics) but there's also a bunch of cocktails. The lady and I made some rooibos syrup for a roibos old fashioned, and now we have a bottle of frenet branca to use. I've been making Torontos, because a food poisoning association with vermouth makes me unable to drink Manhattans, which would be otherwise be something I really liked.
I just bought some regular fits and got them tapered.
Dry searing is dumb. Just use a high smoke point oil.
Anything stretchy. Even 511's that are usually too sliim on me.
Penne with quail eggs, potato and green beens in pesto Vegetarian ramen I've also been cooking a lot from ottolenghi's new book Nopi. I have access to a crazy spice store in NYC (Kalustyan's) so i've been able to source all these fun exotic ingredients. Burrata and blood orange with lavender honey and coriander seeds Celery root hummus with spiced cauliflower topped with quail egg Eggplant with black garlic pure, pine nuts and basil
I'm not that strict about it. I don't really cook meat anymore, but if i'm out or at a work event and the veg option sucks or if my girlfriend really wants like, fancy sushi, I won't make a fuss about it and search out chicken or fish over beef or pork. That being said, my tastes have changed along with the diet so my desire to eat meat has also gone down.
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