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I'd do a blog but honestly between school and work, writing copy feels like an immense chore. I just like posting what i make on social media (fb/ig @graphicnovelty) or forums (here, reddit) so i'm engaging with people that already (somewhat) know me.
that's because she is
tagliatelle: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/mario-batali/eggless-pasta-recipe.html (I used a vegan recipe bc i had vegan guests, though i much prefer an eggier pasta) bolognese: https://food52.com/recipes/27654-chickpea-bolognese (don't use soymilk, as it gives it a weird taste--also blend all the chickpeas) Hummus is a combination of 2 recipes: Chickpea technique from here: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/11/basic-hummus-from-jerusalem-ottolenghi.html but...
More food: 1) Tagliatelle with chickpea bolognese [img]2) Miso-tahini Hummus with vegan olive miso "Parmesan" crumbles 3) Green been, mushroom and freekh salad with orange miso dressing 4) Sunchoke soup with hazelnut spinach pesto
How do you replace milk/cream in recipes? I'm lactose intolerant and cream and milk wreaks havoc on my stomach (i'm also a vegetarian that's attempting to cook more vegan generally). I'm allergic to almonds, and have found lactaid not to work. I tried using soymilk but there was definitely an "off" flavor. So what works, best silken tofu? Cashew milk? Are different things good for different applications?
It could get bad reviews in the world, it'll make a ton of fucking money and so there will be a whole bunch more.
just take fish oil and don't eat a lot of other saturated fat and you'll be fine. Or eat a fuckload of tough flavorless chicken breasts smothered in hot sauce like every other culinarily uncreative meathead :P.Or just get all of your protein from seitan, soymilk, tofu and greek yogurt like me. Seitan actually has great protein macros and is easy to prepare yourself.Total calories > macros > micronutrients.
exactly. Plus you can easily toss it with some sort of sauce to adapt it to different meals so you're not eating the same thing over and over.
if you're going that high fat why not buy fattier meat to braise/slow cook. It's easier and tastier than reheating chicken breasts, which kind of blow when reheated.
Hey guy nobody knows and whose posting history is just a string of petty shit-fights, why are you coming In here spouting insults like anyone gives a shit what you think? I don't walk into where you work and slap the dick out of your mouth, so how about thinking twice before shitting up this thread your less than valuable opinion and baiting people into petty arguments. This thread is already a garbage fire, but at least it's OUR garbage fire. Nobody needs your...
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