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i might be biased because i can put away 3 spicy rolls no problem.
290 each. 3 of them is like 900 calories. They're full of mayonnaise.
Spicy tuna rolls are calorie bombs. As is tempura. Get sashimi or sushi.
Ah I misread, there's a shake shack across from eataly in nyc too (though as I wrote, it's being renovated)
get in now they're probably gonna rotate out. iirc they're on sale too.
32. They stretched out a lot and I actually got the waist taken in.
Shake shack in madison square park is being redone right now. Idk when it's gonna open up again.Awesome thanks.
Cut update: finally hit 160 this morning. Want to torch two small pockets of fat on my hips that only I notice. Otherwise, I've basically hit my goal.
just get suits with a soft shoulder and you'll be fine.
fridge mode actually makes suits easier to wear.
New Posts  All Forums: