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mark i'll usb key you the p90x yoga tomm though if you could bring me one as a replacement that'd be A++++
Nancy Grace blames Ultimate Warrior's death on Steroids to Diamond Dallas Page, ignites controversy http://stillrealtous.com/several-wwe-superstars-react-ddps-interview-nancy-grace/
my brother's all about the all white AF1 mids. Says there super difficult to kop.
I have FK frees. They messed up my foot but I wear orthotics so that doesn't really mean anything. My GF has a pair and likes them though.Also coldsnap you should do chest 2x a week you can totally handle that.Bench/Squat/Incline+shoulder stuff/Deadlift+Back
I actually like the Nike thread.
i've pretty much peaced out of SW&D.Rish I wouldn't try and force a heavy lifting regimen. There are other aspects of fitness to work on and despite internet ripptoe worship frankly you don't need SQUATS AND DEADLIFTS!!!!!!!!!!!1111 it to maintain a decent level of aesthetics.
Bison burger with pepper jack cheese and Greek yogurt chipotle mayo
whoops wrong threadthough maybe a couple you guys might care about this tooMe and the gf made bison burgers with pepper jack cheese and Greek yogurt chipotle mayo [[SPOILER]]
Attack on Titans is fucking nuts
My brother told me he's getting cut and we had a fairly long back and forth regarding what cutting is vs. bulking. He says i spend too much time on the internet.
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