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Hot and sour eggplant with urud dal puree Homemade linguine with white clam sauce Shirataki noodle with spicy tahini sauce Tofu with spicy korean pork marinade Homemade linguine with green garlic and parmesean. Pot roasted artichokes Chickpea patties with coconut puree Chickpea and butternut squash and red onion salad with tahini dressing. Celery root and potato gratin. Grilled tofu and charred broccoli and cauliflower.
Idk, i felt a bit of sympthy for faust. Not enough to totally agree with him because he seems like a tool, but he thinks there's something special about being an enthusiast of avant garde clothing above simply wanting to buy and wear dope shit--it's a connection to the vision of a designer, who they view as artists/artisans and that's why it's cool to them. Grailed is less about the expression of the designer/artisan and more about kopping fire jawnz. I think it's...
And said cod is tasteless because you're trying too hard to eat clean. Expending a few calories to create a delicious sauce or breading and just controlling your calories elsewhere will make it so much less painful.
marinade for chicken http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/08/five-ingredient-fried-chicken-sandwich-recipe.html
Semilla is awesome. I went there when it opened. The bread is heavenly.
His FB indicates he was in Barcelona with a nice lady.
i mean you consume no calories. If you skip breakfast and don't eat until noon/1 and then cut off your eating at 9 that's pretty easy.
subscribing to this thread. I mostly approaching wine from a food perspective (avid home cook, mostly vegetarian). I have a basic palate (I know how to identify tastes, basic grapes, etc) but I'm not sure how to take "the next step" as it were. I'm mostly going out, keeping track of what i drink and what i like about it, trying to pair that with what i'm eating.
my delts always look better when i add raises to my routine. probably just a pump thing but still.
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