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Broke vegetarianism to make a pork shoulder for July 4th. Documented the process on snapchat. I also made veggie quesadillas and a pretty sick pasta salad
It validates Snyder as a filmmaker but if you can't tell a fucking superhero story in 2 and a half hours you done goofed as a commercial director. I say this as a B vs. S apologist too. At least it'll give us some fodder in debates with marvel bots when they tout the new shiny, slick but ultimately soulless avenger-adjacent movie.
nerds will watch and even if they don't they're a small portion of the potential audience. "insulting to readers" lmao get over yourselves. You read a fucking book D&D doesn't owe you shit.. There's no marginal benefit to shoehorning in fanservice. internet keyboard warriors don't mean shit in the grand scheme of things, they're just the loudest whiners when they don't get their bottle.
Cut is going well. Weekends are tough of course but weekdays i stay decently under my calorie goal to make good progress. SF/Napa trip is approaching too quickly though (7/9-7/16) which I know is gonna be quite a setback haha.
I'm hoping it's Bronze Yhorn not da finger.
Probably the lack of salt, the leannes of the bison, and not great taco seasoning.How to make kickass taco seasoning in two steps:Make chili powder yourself (store bought chili powder is garbage): http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/abs-chili-powder-recipe.htmlThen Make taco seasoning yourself (toasting the coriander and cumin and grinding it yourself, similarly to the chili powder) : http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/taco-potion-19-recipe.htmlI...
damn wish it had beige/sand coloring.
Awesome thanks. The GF and I are rouging it for two nights in Spring Lake park and then we're gonna ball out at Medrona Manor for a third and then head back down to SF. Hit one or two places on our way up, probably do Russian River valley one day, Napa Disneyland another, and then back to SF
Visiting the Bay area in mid july and going to sonoma/napa for a couple days. It'll be my first time there. Any must-see wineries? I have a pretty big list but i'm trying to narrow them down.
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