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I bought my first leather jacket from one of those little local leather shops. It was 100 euros and super nice.I couldn't tell you where it was though, this was like 2008.
I bet you the girl in that ad has mad cellulite.
LF lows look like ass once you've broken them in. I never wear mine anymore. That being said, does anybody have an extra pair of those lace tags that come with them? I took mine off and lost them but I'd like them back.
I was gonna end my cut here but i guess you mofos are gonna push me to 8%.
Sushi is super low calorie. Just eat beforehand if you're really worried.
My friends and i got rejected from berghain
I took too much adderall before my GRE and didn't do as well as i'd hoped. I'm going to a city school though so it didn't matter.
Your girlfriend is also a lanklet
Being an olympic gold medalist isn't the worst thing in the world.
Neo_Version 7: "I was so incensed by the bad quicksilver art that i didn't see days of future past because the bad promo art was a really strong indicator of the quality of that movie, because I'm a fanboy with no sense of perspective."
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