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I was poking fun at brad, not you. :P
the ironborn and brienne's adventures! man i forgot how much those books sucked!
SW&D WAYWT is full of interesting and unique individuals that defy broad characterization and i am offended at your usage of the term "the dudes here" as if we were some collective mass with similar characteristics.
And I liked mistborn. It'd be a great video game of all things.
Tyrion's long road to Mereen that involved some really shitty digressions and pointless characters. Doran Martell's son who sucks and tries to wife up Danerys but is too boring. Jamie kind of bumbling around the Riverlands. Danerys making tons of shitty decisions and doing nothing. She might still do that though.
For lunch now I just batch sous vide chicken breasts and then brown them. Then make some sort of vegetable-grain dish as a side. Usually come out to 500-ish calories.
i might be biased because i can put away 3 spicy rolls no problem.
290 each. 3 of them is like 900 calories. They're full of mayonnaise.
Spicy tuna rolls are calorie bombs. As is tempura. Get sashimi or sushi.
Ah I misread, there's a shake shack across from eataly in nyc too (though as I wrote, it's being renovated)
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