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That recipe i posted is very easy to eat quite a lot of.
Here's some chicken curry over the quinoa I made last night
ACL recovery is going well. On to the second phase of my PT now that the swelling is down and most of my ROM is back. I'm maintaining upper body/core stuff with bodyweight/light weight (not to aggravate shoulder) and I'm staying fairly fit, but I definitely feel like I'm getting a bit soft (Probably hovering around 14%). I'll probably cut when my leg looks normal again. I'm cooking like a motherfucker though, particularly because I started my new job on top of a...
Yeah you can't do that in NYC.Since you'll be looking around downtown you'll probably want to check out less "popular" parts out in brooklyn like sunset park, bay ridge, windsor terrace, flatbush, kensington, etc. Rockaways is mad far out but isn't the worst suggestion either. You won't get a new nice place but you'll find something serviceable.
Signed up for a planet fitness membership near my apartment to do my PT + upper body stuff in. will report back if it's as bad as they say it is. PT is going well. For 15 days out of surgery my therapist told me i'm making great progress. Just a lot of boring "10 sets of hold for 10 seconds" type stuff so I'm just listening to podcasts (Serial, America's Test Kitchen, Desus vs. Mero)
Life updates: Was laid off from job in November, but they hired me back and i'm starting in January. Ended up transferring to a group with more room for growth, got 2 months paid vacation to recover from my surgery and two week PTO payout, which isn't a bad deal. I can't double dip with my severence but tuition reimbursement and generally higher pay will make up for whatever windfall that would've been. Starting Grad School in late January--getting a MS Marketing with a...
especially sitting at home recovering from acl surgery
My mom got me a cashmere hoodie for Hannukah. Some random brand from Century 21. I see them from a few retailers here or there but I can't figure out why are these things not more popular, because they're fucking amazing--I'm wrapped in a cocoon of softness.
I can hobble without crutches now
you in jersey or nah?
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