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Because you keep saying session volume and weekly volume are the same and I'm not sure that's actually true
Mark, berkhans reverse pyramid training is decent and quick and good for cuts. Have you ever actually done a split Conceptionist or are you just comparing full body to splits having only done the former
lol http://the-toast.net/2014/05/21/audrey-hepburns-beauty-tips/
I stopped doing BB exercises except the squat so i couldn't tell you and I'm still ramping up my DB work sowly and carefully (up to 50 lb db's on most of my lifts). Physique-wise I'm back to where I was (a bit better, actually). Right now I have basically an upper routine (DB Row, DB Bench, DB Incline Press, DB Press, DB Curl, Assisted Pull-up, cable tricep pushdown, face pull, ball pushups and my physical therapy exercises to round out the work out) and a lower routine...
different stuff works for different women. the key is to have a bunch of tools in your tool box to figure out how to lay the pipe right each time. the nice thing about girl on top is being able to surprise them when you push them back on the bed and get on top yourself and/or pull their hips to your face for some surprise cunnilingus. also if she leans forward right you can hit the g spot.
i'm ready for a move to LA. just need a jorb. Also, CtK, keep your diet up and stay active generally. I took 3 months off and 3 weeks back into working out I'm swole-er than i've ever been.
I had courtside seats to a knicks game. Tyson Chandler is a fucking gigantic human being.cardio kills gains.
looking svelte CS
weighted incline situps put shearing force on your spine and cause (me at least) lower back pain. Just do weighted planks
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