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I wonder how Marc Jacobs makes iced coffee
FWIW last SF meetup in NYC was pretty chill and everyone was nice.
was it mark who inquired about peeing a lot when you start a cut? because it definitely happens.
Also, idk if anyone saw this, but:
teenagers in my neighborhood are all about them with the Adidas track pants bros too. I saw a ton at Electric Daisy Carnival.
they sell it on k a r m a l o o p(lol the forum censors the name because of spam i guess)
tesseract check out Two In The Shirt shirts.
you're obviously not going to be convinced that your shirt is objectification so i'm not gonna bother making that argument, but it should be pointed out competing in a bb competition in bikini wouldn't be considered objectification in the same way.
i id'ed an all white roshe and thought it looked pretty cool, but i'm not sure if i'm gonna pull the trigger.
IF no breakfast crew checking in.
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