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Us millenials aren't nearly as pedantic about our food techniques/names as long as it tastes good.
IIRC he is right that you "grow" fat cells that don't really go away (they just shrink., which make it easy to gain weight once you've been fat. That's the real downside to dreamer bulks. As to being lean all the time being unhealthy, i'm not sure what that's about.
I'm definitely bigger than i was now at the lower range of BF% when i cut down the first couple times. I'm now about 164ish at 11ish percent when i was previously around 155 and 160. 5 lbs isn't super drastic but i also was never truly "bulking" in as much as "eating a lot and going to the gym".
life's too short to be fat.
the best time to cut is when it's still cold. I'm almost 2 months into my cut and while I'm not making the fastest progress I'm so close I can taste it. Not helping is pizza:
Pizza Margharita using the Batali recipe.
I'm in charge of cooking for my family's seder on friday and I figured I'd go with something I don't make often enough: a dry-brined, spathcocked turkey. I started my dry brine last night as per the nyt recipe and i'm spatchcocking it as per the serious eats method. I did this for my thanksgiving and it turned out amazing, but instead of a regular gravy recipe using potato starch I figured i'd something do more spring-y and less heavy. Any suggestions? My parents are...
gotta replenish those electrolytes brah
Jet's metcons are connor's WvG jeans.
24 Hour Sous vide Shoulder London Broil as Steak frites. Served with garlic herb butter, double fried french fries and slow cooker french onion soup. Cooked for 24 Hour at 135*. The london broil was a bit too thin and was hard to sear without overcooking the middle. I botched the first one and diced it up to be a salad topping, while this one ended up only a little pink in the middle (medium well). Still good though. Next time i'll buy some thicker roasts.
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