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If you're at 13-15% just cut for a few more weeks so you at least have abs for summer and then start your bulk once it gets chilly.
Well I'm (over) counting the coconut oil I'm frying it in. Without it the far content is way lower
so if you take a panade of bread and milk you can keep ground meat moist (2 tbsp milk, 1 slice bread no crust per 1-1.5 lbs of meat). I did it to batch-cook turkey burgers last night and man, these are the perfectly moist, mild (so easily seasonable) and stay good reheated. Pan fried in coconut oil they're about: 223 calories 2 g carbs 14 g fat 22 g protein
Eastern European Jews are not known for their height.
Any way to break in a leather jacket a bit? I got this schott double rider from a friend to give my ToJ a bit of a rest but it's stiff and as a result hangs weirdly. He said it was treated with obenauf's.
http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/23/sports/basketball/knicks-carmelo-anthony-said-to-be-opting-out-of-contract.html?emc=edit_ur_20140624&nl=nyregion&nlid=64485659&_r=0 Pretty good summary of the knicks situation rn.
speaking of pants, the levi's store near me has the commuter trousers for $12. They're a bit tight to start with but they have a decent amount of stretch and more importantly, a reinforced crotch. I got 3 pairs, 2 of which i turned into shorts.
is that more or less cringeworthy than the "how would you like a girl to dress" thread tho
how's your cut going?
had a berry/bananaa/protein shake for lunch and that's it for the calories i've consumed for the day so far (450) I'm not hitting a mid-afternoon energy lull either.
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