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Sushi is super low calorie. Just eat beforehand if you're really worried.
My friends and i got rejected from berghain
I took too much adderall before my GRE and didn't do as well as i'd hoped. I'm going to a city school though so it didn't matter.
Your girlfriend is also a lanklet
Being an olympic gold medalist isn't the worst thing in the world.
Neo_Version 7: "I was so incensed by the bad quicksilver art that i didn't see days of future past because the bad promo art was a really strong indicator of the quality of that movie, because I'm a fanboy with no sense of perspective."
Yes I don't know anything about comics or taste because my panties aren't in a twist about some promo shot.
you mean the one people freaked out about but ended up being pretty good in the movie? fanboys bitching about every detail when it's much more about the script and direction never ceases to amaze me. Man of Steel had amazing art direction but was hampered by a shitty script. Everyone complained about the casting choices of the Dark Knight but it turned out to be great. Wahh wahh i don't like the movie title wahh wahh this concept art isn't good grow the fuck up you...
When you feel depleted and shitty. This is my first cut that was higher carb and lower fat and I didn't feel like I needed a refeed that didn't just kind of happen anyway.
this is really the worst thing about normcore. If you look like one of the cool kids already--i.e. lean, tall, good looking--then normcore is automatically fashionable, otherwise you'll just look like shit. And the insulting thing is that they're pretending they're just "blending in"It's basically just flaunting your privilege while pretending you're being populist.
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