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don't mind brad, he's not one of the aggrieved parties anyway.
What's the wait time on Pepe memes? I ordered mine in July 2013 but haven't gotten response. Please respond Distorb.
Gruff who the fuck even are you anyway you come into this thread and shit on everything that's entertaining about it. The saga of this thread should continue naturally. Your posts are like Brienne chapters in game of thrones.
What lenses do you have? My gf only has the close up lens but lost her mid-range one. Are they cross-compatible across models?
Last day guys, get your entries in!
Alright guys here's my entry.
No grill apartment life is the most painful part of my existence. I go to my parents place as often as I can to hit the grill. If you haven't done Korean BBQ on the grill you're missing out. Gf makes homemade kimchi which is the best.
Ah. Well if i remember when i get home i'll let you know what ATK recommends.
you might not be happy with your own propane but that's not necessarily an indictment against all propane, which can indeed smoke things using the chips-in-foil-packet method.
New Posts  All Forums: