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me too (multi trainers in 8 )
In for the event but not dinner (early morning, long train ride home).
just realized the hack squat machine i can squat without shoulder issues. Doing 5 facing forward, 5 facing back just to get used to the movement. Started with 270 on the machien but who knows how much that translates to. Legs are jelly. Feels good man
hahaha if you're going to go for stern housing be prepared for 350 sq feet 2 bedrooms.
you're going to need to adjust your expectations for real estate if you're gonna do NYC.
you can rent zipcars (though i have an enterprising friend who lives in bk who goes to JFK and rents the airport rental cars).fairly spacious is about 600-750sh square feet (never measured, just estimating)my neighborhood is good if you spend a lot of time uptown/midtown (I work in midtown) and even west village, but it's kind of a pain to get to from far downtown/brooklyn/anywhere on the east side.It's kind of unique in the sense that there's an express train that gets...
I pay 1950 for a fairly (by NY standards) spacious 2 BR in Washington Heights. The "reasonablility" of WaHi as a neighborhood is debatable though.
simple: both companies sell overpriced fashion accessories dressed up as consumer electronics.
If you go to columbia you can live where I live, (washington heights) or even a bit further up (inwood) which is about a 15-20 minute train ride from campus. It's pretty low key, very Dominican, but depending where you are, its also gentrified without being overly hip. You can get a 2 BR for about 2k though i think you need to ratchet your expectations of what you can get (i'd look into 1 BR's). You can get anywhere in manhattan for there but it's got its own little...
For me it's more deadlifts and pull up negatives that bother me. Though I've worked my way back up to bw pull-ups with close grip. Db Incline presses feel better than db bench too
New Posts  All Forums: