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Duck rinds
if it fits your macros. just have a small lunch and snack on fruit and you can indulge in pretty delicious dinners.
I tupperwared them to work so there's only so much i can do with plating before I get too hungry and just eat them. There I made it smaller so it's more appetizing.
Hoisin glazed pork loin over parsnips.
I'll make a poll. Anyone can vote.
after i awared you on cooking tips
good to know. i probably am too much of a pussy to go through it but glad that the only thing i'd probably want to do sucks.
Not on gear but would consider clen for the last little bit of cutting.
I could get down with June 1st. July, however, seems excessive.
I used this recipe.I think that's why you grind it yourself. The USDA guidelines are for supermarket meat. I guess my question is what's the best way to sterilize, using boiling water? I guess that wouldn't heat it up too fast (you want to grind cold). I don't have the meat grinder attachment for my kitchenaid yet but i'll be borrowing my boss'
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