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At this point i just diet during the week and let myself go on the weekends. Social obligations + cooking carby shit for fun = impossible to track macros. Then again i've been cutting since february which has been quite a while. I'm pretty much where I want to be though. This weekend probably i'll start eating maintenence though.
That's fine. Though I should also mention that apartment hunting is a lot easier when you do it here (vs. another place). Instagram thots have nothing on realtors when posting misleading pictures.
this is right and true.
Your gf is smart even though she sucks at dieting. living in nyc is not like living anywhere else and costs multiply really quickly if you're not careful. finding a summer sublet is really easy. just go on craigslist and live with a couple randos.
You'll probably go to the gym by your school/work etc. NYC is a mobile city so "i need everything by my place of residence" is the wrong mindset to have.Usually you have to sign a year-long lease so "getting a cheaper place come april to balance it out" isn't always an option. Moving also sucks a lot, and finding a place that's to month is going to cost you. Honestly, I'd move here a month early into a furnished/subletted apartment with roommates somewhere cheap, get your...
Aim to spend less than you think you can afford because the city is expensive as shit. Lower your budget and hire a broker because you don't know what you're doing at all (choosing an apartment based on proximity to gym? smh)Don't disregard brooklyn. Or jersey city/hoboken.You will probably end up on the Upper East Side though.
I wonder if all the people going "Smh kids these days" listened to rap from a decade preceding the rap they enjoyed beyond just major figures. Anyway backpack rap still exists. It's just now made by j. cole and it's terrible.
man i haven't heard of gvb in a minute. remember when everyone pretended to like chillwave?
you can definitely see their influence. I live uptown and whenever my train rolls through harlem (especially on friday/saturday nights) it's a lot of kids wearing fast fashion versions of designer stuff mixed with streetwear. It's pretty cool actually, and a fairly recent development (past couple years).
I thought i had minor patellar tendonitis and it turns out my acl was torn. good luck!
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