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3 day split:Shoulders and quads:Squat 3x5Front Squat 3x8-12DB Shoulder press 3x8-12Front, side, back lateral raise 3x12Leg press 3x12Leg Curl 3x12Ab work.Back/hamstrings/bicepsDeadlift 3x5Straight legged deadlift 3x8-12DB Bicep Curl 3x8-12Pull-ups/Weighted pull-ups 3x8-12DB Row/Bent Over row 3x8-12Shrugs 3x12Ab work.Chest and Triceps:Bench 3x5DB Bench Press 3x8-12Incline DB Bench Press 3x8-12Flat DB Flye 3x12Incline DB Flye 3x12Tricep Pushdown 3x12Ab work.Just do it as...
Sous viding short ribs for 48-72 hours at 140 makes them amazing.
NYU's more west village. if you're looking in the EV/LES then sure. Still gonna be paying too much for rent given your budget.
"i'm on a tight budget but want to live in the most expensive part of the city because commuting is hard"
Back up to 170 :/. Still have visible abs but looking a bit softer. Summer's halfway over so i'm not gonna bother cutting. I guess i'll just focus on getting my leg strength/running endurance back up. I also keep saying I"m gonna start doing yoga again but I never seem to get around to it.
Slap tear. Not getting better w/o surgery but doesn't hurt if I don't aggravate it (the main movement that fucks it up are pushing or pulling upwards, which destroys my ability to do squats/deads/bench) . I also tore my ACL and got the surgery last december and i'm working my way back from that. All upper body movements are bodyweight or with 35 lbs dumbells. Do lots of pushups/Curls/DB press/pull-ups. Lower body I squat and do one legged squats in the smith machine...
Welcome to the club. I'm still managing to stay pretty aesthetic not being able to do fuck all for BB movements.
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yup i've got an anova precision.
Cooking Dump Strawberry Rhubarb Pie 48 Hour Sous vide short ribs One of 3 1/2 pork shoulders for 4th of july 4th of July Hangover breakfast Homemade linguine with spring veggies and garlic scape pesto Beer Can Chicken Bacon Cheeseburger with Donkey Sauce Cannelini bean hummus
New Posts  All Forums: