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4pins retweeted my sneaker joke. I'm now getting follower requests from a ton of 16 year olds.
I had both hyde and peterson, thank god.
eh nvm
I can't tell if eason is making fun of me or not.
I've made a bunch of milk bar stuff out of their book. It's beauty is you don't need too much of it because it's so maximalist but it totally blows my tastebuds out. Just unpacked into a new place and i got the flour cookbook. Gonna try a few of those recipes too.
My gf's bestie is still dating the dude she met at the last trunk show (friend of a MC'er).
I went to the brooklyn museum sneaker exhibit. it was pretty cool. At the end they asked you to say what your sneaker story was
i'm looking fat was hella bloated because i couldn't shit for the whole trip.
Visited Mecca
Nysc mornings aren't bad. You just have to sack up and go.
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