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DB Flyes are one of those movements i don't trust with my shoulder/will start doing when i'm more confident. This whole rehab process has been very "two steps forward, one step back" :/. But in the end of it I've come out with better cardio capacity and just a little bit of flab (no real loss of gains). Anyway, I'm gonna aim to do it as often as possible, probably 3-4 times a week, and start running in the mornings to maintain my cardio capacity (i'm gonna purposely...
Also since I can't really do any heavy heavy lifts while i'm cutting i'm gonna try a conceptionist style full body workout each day because of my fucked up shoulder DB Bench press 3x5-8 DB Incline Press 3x5-8 DB Bicep Curl 3x5-8 DB Shoulder Press 3x5-8 DB Row 3x5-8 Assisted/weighted (eventually) Pullup 3x5-8 Front Squat 3x5-8 KB Swings 3x25 (works my posterior chain) Hopefully I don't lose all my gains
So I roasted a 3.5 lb chicken, tore off all the meat, put in 2 cups of 2% greek yogurt and a can of chipotle chilis in adobo sauce Delicious creamy spicy tangy chicken salad you can just eat over a bed of veggies or in a pita or whatever.. 1,270 Calories, 20 g carbs 45 g fats 185 g. protein. gonna do this with a rotisserie chicken tomorrow. my neighborhood grocery marks them down to like $3 after 10 pm.
they're on mega sale here: http://www.zappos.com/nike-track-tight-black-reflective-silver
it's about holding the bar on my traps. That motion causes me a lot of pain.
pretty sure that holding the bar during squats is aggravating my shoulder. Should I just do heavier front squats? Or ATG smith machine squats? or leg press? Need to work out posterior chain but can't deadlift either.
goddamn a food scale is sco clutch. No more eyeballing shit ever again.
First day of cut going well! Cooked a shitlload of meat and veggies to eat this week.
those are cool.
I will look forward to meeting nahneun and/or re-meeting c4est.
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