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This article totally validated my point in what I embarrassingly realize is a four year old argument in this very thread that understated minimalistic basics will replace workwear as the "default" fashion mode for people trying to dress well without trying too hard. [[SPOILER]] I was wrong about what fast fashion will latch onto (turns out street goth blew up instead of the bauhaus style i cringily referred to as "margiela cool") but regardless, hooray I was right.
I can barely lift shit anymore. I just work out to look like a sick cunt and also because it feels good.
should i get one of the new anovas or the old ones on amazon?
Unrelated to fashion but i figured i'd poll the people here: does anyone have a sous vide? Any comments on it? I'm super close to pulling the trigger.
just google it bro. It's an immersion circulator that keeps food at a consistent temperature for hours. You use it to do some fancy shit. Also a whipped cream dispenser to make foams and shit.
Speaking of expensive cooking gadgets, i'm thinking of getting a sous vide.
You can also use a crockpot as a rice cooker, but it's a bit of technique to get right.
My (korean) girlfriend's family swears by the rice cooker and i'm not gonna argue with the experts. Rice is actually really easy to fuck up. Rice cooker rice comes out perfect.
I want to play in a D&D game DM'ed by synthese.
uniqlo hems chinos/jeans for free (wool pants are $5)
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