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i wore a bootleg RO fit to EDC AA Tank, Nike Sweatshorts, Knockoff ricks. so comfy.
I just want to see the graceful, soft folds of fabric contrast with their hard, taught bodies
fitness talk in SW&D is like streetwear talk in CM
If you like running the "how many miles have you run today" thread to be pretty good for discussion. RHET is more lifting/general fitness focused.
so i've gotten to the point wher ei just lie to people about what workout will do. A buddy of mine wants to lose some belly fat but not get ripped so i gave him stripped 5x5 and told him to keep his protein consumption high and track his calories with a defecit and he'll lose weight "because the food you eat will go towards recovering your muscles". He'll probably be n00b gains/dyel but at least he won't 'be not-fat and look like shit.
for those of you looking for longer drapey tees, AA viscose tees are $10.
I wonder how Marc Jacobs makes iced coffee
FWIW last SF meetup in NYC was pretty chill and everyone was nice.
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