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pretty sure that holding the bar during squats is aggravating my shoulder. Should I just do heavier front squats? Or ATG smith machine squats? or leg press? Need to work out posterior chain but can't deadlift either.
goddamn a food scale is sco clutch. No more eyeballing shit ever again.
First day of cut going well! Cooked a shitlload of meat and veggies to eat this week.
those are cool.
I will look forward to meeting nahneun and/or re-meeting c4est.
Ysl le nuit
Should i cut rhet? tfw you can watch your love handles growing
Went to edc yesterday. Realized I no longer look early 20's and lift, now mid to late 20's and I lift. The feels.
I don't find being drunk fun really, just kind of boring. I've started getting high before social events and I'm a lot happier/less bored generally
Aw while I think Conceptionist thinks some crazy things I don't wanna see him leave
New Posts  All Forums: