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knucks was on gear IIRC.
pour one out for knucks. ihambrecht, I'm curious, what would you recommend instead?
4.6 miles at an 11 min pace. Last workout of week 3 of bridge to 10k (17 min running/1 min rest x3)
leangains as mark is doing it (and how I did it) is just an easy way to restrict calories. Powering through till 1 PM and just stopping eating at 9 PM is easier for a lot of people than eating small unsatisfying meals im; it doesn't claim to be some magic bullet and very few LG adherents will try and argue otherwise. The recomp protocol is more fancy schmancy I guess, but a LG cut is just calorie restriction + revere pyramid training+BCAA's if you're training fasted. Back...
Always tip your delivery guy at least $3. More if it's shitty out. This message brought to you by a former pizza delivery guy.
I can't believe it's taken me this long to realize NDC is nike.com. Also the gf saw the fk frees and loved them and got her own pair during the clearence event. When they arrive i'll post a his/hers.
conceptionist should just run a couple cycles and become a giant bear.
the bus there sucks IME.
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