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My gf's bestie is still dating the dude she met at the last trunk show (friend of a MC'er).
I went to the brooklyn museum sneaker exhibit. it was pretty cool. At the end they asked you to say what your sneaker story was
i'm looking fat was hella bloated because i couldn't shit for the whole trip.
Visited Mecca
Nysc mornings aren't bad. You just have to sack up and go.
watching KC's various NYC delusions evaporate one by one is really enjoyable to watch.
oh for sure; if someone asks i'll provide help. but basically i've decided to not be proactive at all.
I've basically just decided that giving advice or helping the rest of the world (friends, coworkers) be less basic will only make me look less good in comparison and now i basically never give advice to anyone about anything anymore.
Iron Man: In the spirit of fairness, you get first pick Captain America: Cool, give me the crazy guy with the metal arm. Iron Man: Ok I'm going to pick the android that can phase through matter Captain America: Give me the bow guy Iron man: Cool, I'll take another version of me with more guns. Captain America: Alright, wing guy, you're on my team.
I stumbled on Rules of Attraction when I was exactly on that phase of my life--young, disaffected, at a small liberal arts college with its attendant hedonism. It's sightly embarrassing to think of now but at the time it felt like RoA was the first book that I felt actually "got" me. I found Less than Zero and American Psycho a little more tiresome (in fact, American Psycho is one of the few books I couldn't finish).
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