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got out of work early so i hit the gym for like a 90 minute workout. Hit up chipotle after and there's one dude ordering for 5 people, and then proceeds to pay separately for each meal. He gives me the "sorry" shrug and i just give him the "fuck yourself' death glare.
You could do either. Working to maintain isn't that complicated...you just kinda lift a bunch.
The dynamics here are very different than sw&d.
Mark is a regular and listened to us when we told him to dreamer bulk so we all like helping him.
you can also add some hamstring work (lighter SLDL, GM's, GHR's, KB swings) to pull day and leg presses to push day and calves both days.
Push/pull squat, bench, incline db bench, press, dips, more triceps + abs deadlift, pull-up, row, face pull, curl, more curl + abs
track your calories, without doing that who knows if you're just eating the same amount (or less) of "better" calories. milk is a good calorie source if you're having trouble getting it in.
I'd switch DB rows for BB rows but I might be biased because I can't do BB rows (something with my lower back).
and make sure you drink carbs post workout to stay anabolic and don't eat fat after 8:00 pm because it will be automatically turned into fat and do only 1/2 rep curls to train your bicepts peak. Also if you do just high reps you'll develop long lean muscles like a dancer.
I want to get a road bike when i (hopefully) move out to LA, but i'm terrified that i'm gonna get super ripped off.
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