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Random Teach Barrel How to Overthink A Deadlift Thoughts
Also don't worry about dead lifting 4+ plates when you can't even do 2
And yet, here we areBarrel; instead of long back and forths with conceptionist about deadlifting, why don't you just deadlift more and figure our what works best for you.
This is by far the bitchiest most catty forum I've ever been on
Humans of ny is great fuck that ig Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Do you bake that frittata?
(The af1s)
When do those drop?
I put 6% away (Which is what I've got matched at 7%) and everything else in savings for a rainy day. I recently got a promotion which gave me a 15% raise but my lifestyle has stayed pretty steady. I feel like I should be socking more away but my dad says not to worry about it and he's pretty good with money stuff.
Not really a big gambler but in Vegas for work High roller I know
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