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Gf and i decided to take a 2 week trip to japan and korea next summer. How do I even start planning such an undertaking? She's got family in Korea and I have friends there.
i hide updates from anyone who's a fb sjw or has generally uninteresting statuses. between doing that that and liking some pages of news orgs I like to read/a few fun groups my fb is actually pretty great.
my only interest is parsing everything someone says in case it's problematic so i can call them out.
i listen to podcasts during my workout. makes longer workouts a lot more enjoyable. i also realized i could listen to games using a radio app. I listened to the broncos lose to the chiefs last night (which is great, as I cancelled cable).
This book >>>>>> anything you'd find onlinehttp://www.amazon.com/Slow-Cooker-Revolution-Americas-Kitchen/dp/1933615699
Get a dutch oven from lodge so you can make bread
4pins retweeted my sneaker joke. I'm now getting follower requests from a ton of 16 year olds.
I had both hyde and peterson, thank god.
eh nvm
I can't tell if eason is making fun of me or not.
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