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Meanwhile, I made Minestrone soup with Arborio Rice and sous vide shrimp scampi my girlfriend demanded we also make a shrimp scampi pizza even though i think a fish pizza is kind of gross. I think it's because she's korean. The shrimp scampi was amazing though.
I started doing PT stretching during rest periods. It's much better use of your time than staring off into space/playing with your phone.
yes. Though they phased out the SAS class requirement the semester I take it (though I still get credit towards my major for it).
speaking of statistics SAS is the fucking worst. I've spent 2 afternoons on 2 questions on my goddamn midterm (out of 5)
PT cleared me for running. Did 1 minute run/1 minute walk on the treadmill till I hit a mile. Feels good mang. Anwyay skeen's right I don't worry about being ripped until summer, at which point it pays off quite a bit.
I'm not a fan of indian appropriation stuff either.
how much do you fart tho? protein farts mean you're getting more protein than you can digest and it's being eaten by your gut bacteria. I used to take pride in my noxious protein farts but then i realized it's an indication that i can scale back. Now i get about 80-100g a day.
Obviously not a book reader if you'd think Mance would be wearing all black tricky ricky. Junya patchwork is more his speed.
I don't take protein powder anymore. Not worth the calories.
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