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you're obviously not going to be convinced that your shirt is objectification so i'm not gonna bother making that argument, but it should be pointed out competing in a bb competition in bikini wouldn't be considered objectification in the same way.
i id'ed an all white roshe and thought it looked pretty cool, but i'm not sure if i'm gonna pull the trigger.
IF no breakfast crew checking in.
bagels make me feel like shit. That many carbs that early in the morning is just death to your energy levels for the whole day.
DB Flyes are one of those movements i don't trust with my shoulder/will start doing when i'm more confident. This whole rehab process has been very "two steps forward, one step back" :/. But in the end of it I've come out with better cardio capacity and just a little bit of flab (no real loss of gains). Anyway, I'm gonna aim to do it as often as possible, probably 3-4 times a week, and start running in the mornings to maintain my cardio capacity (i'm gonna purposely...
Also since I can't really do any heavy heavy lifts while i'm cutting i'm gonna try a conceptionist style full body workout each day because of my fucked up shoulder DB Bench press 3x5-8 DB Incline Press 3x5-8 DB Bicep Curl 3x5-8 DB Shoulder Press 3x5-8 DB Row 3x5-8 Assisted/weighted (eventually) Pullup 3x5-8 Front Squat 3x5-8 KB Swings 3x25 (works my posterior chain) Hopefully I don't lose all my gains
So I roasted a 3.5 lb chicken, tore off all the meat, put in 2 cups of 2% greek yogurt and a can of chipotle chilis in adobo sauce Delicious creamy spicy tangy chicken salad you can just eat over a bed of veggies or in a pita or whatever.. 1,270 Calories, 20 g carbs 45 g fats 185 g. protein. gonna do this with a rotisserie chicken tomorrow. my neighborhood grocery marks them down to like $3 after 10 pm.
they're on mega sale here: http://www.zappos.com/nike-track-tight-black-reflective-silver
it's about holding the bar on my traps. That motion causes me a lot of pain.
pretty sure that holding the bar during squats is aggravating my shoulder. Should I just do heavier front squats? Or ATG smith machine squats? or leg press? Need to work out posterior chain but can't deadlift either.
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