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i thought the monk comment was pretty funny
So I know these are women's but does anyone know anything bout the sizing on these? http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/free-bionic-training-shoe/pid-723909/pgid-1058543 i'm a men's 7.5 in AF1's but an 8.0 in the frees. I'm thinking probably a 9.5?
those ties/lapels tho
how many stan smiths would stan smith smith if stan smith could smith stan smiths?
I have a PRL knit blazery thing but because i'm short it ends up getting super robe-y. any tips on styling for f/w coming up?
So job feels guys. Was trying to get a job in LA doing the same job that i currently do (market research in linear TV programming) within my larger organizational umbrella. I did informational interviews with the LA group back in december and they were like "when you wanna move to LA, hit us up", so I did and they said there was a possible opening, but was just informed that the potential opening i was gunning for is below my level and not open until 2015. Bad feels man....
Been a few minutes since i posted a picture of me muddy and shirtless This one was 4.8 miles. Pretty fun
Wore the flyknit frees to a mud run. Terrible idea--stepped in deep mud by accident and my foot slid right out of them. Also, absoloutely no grip when it was slippery Threw 'em in a wash and they look fine, but I think i need some dedicated trail racing shoes.
i feel like this guy has posted that story before
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