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This actually checks out. I have a keylogger installed in nahneun's computer.
cheap goya brown rice for me. Takes longer but it's really cheap.
Cutting is going well. I took a couple weeks off because I got sick and I wanted to know how I'd look when I started eating normally (and I also've been playing with my stand mixer which makes baking super quick). I'm happy with my results (see earlier shirtless post) but I wanna get to that dere godly sub 10% by springtime. This week though I've been playing more with my sous vide and taking a break from baking so I'm making more lean protein and vegetables and less...
I want to have SV chuck steaks on Saturday and I'm going to start them tonight (So 36-48 hour bath). I plan on setting the water bath to 135*, covering with tinfoil, and checking periodically. However, I have a few questions: 1) Pre-Salt/pepper or no? I've read that pre-salting sometimes gives long cooks a cured taste that people don't like. 2) Pre-sear or pre-boil? I'm worried that searing might not kill all the bacteria but i'd be happy to defer to your guys'...
speaking of, they just changed the requirements of my grad school program so that i no longer need to take a class using SAS, which would be great except i'm already halfway through it :/
I did my best charly fit impression last night for a "workout clothes" contest on MFA I actually think it's pretty cool (AA/Nike/Knockoff)
It's easy to use but sometimes the results are underwhelming. Pre-cooking aromatics and pre searing meat go a long way towards making the stuff come out better.
I have one and use it fairly often. It's great for long simmered braises/stews/pulled meat/pasta sauces though it's easy to make stuff taste bland. This book has been the key for making my stuff come out good: http://www.amazon.com/Slow-Cooker-Revolution-Kitchen-Cookers-ebook/dp/B004W3VLPY
Even the buff gay guys aren't squatting 3 plates.
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