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gay dude classic is made with real sugar none of this hfcs crap
Diet question: I've only cut using the LG protocol but honestly it's kind of slow because every second or third day is a training day with maintenance calories. Can I keep calories low on training days as well and just re-carb at certain intervals? (Re-feeds etc.) Aware me plz
not present: curls, lat raises, flyes, extra upper body training volume generally.Doesn't make a huge difference in training sure but makes a big difference in how you look.which makes this part make no sense:By all means lift for strength but this neckbeard of mentality is "i train PL so all my training is about strength also look better than people who train for bb and also people who train bb are narcissists afraid to lift heavy or do real work" reeks of...
Carmelo into free agency
It was way too much but leftovers so w/e.
kale actually. Stands up well on the grill.
Gf and I went a little nuts at the market
Ridethecliche stopped by Do we even lift?
Also not being trex mode
So like, you can feel superior to guys who look good while maintaining your dumpy or super thin "physique". It's no wonder it appeals to internet nerds.
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