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Matt Kroc comes out as transgender
5/3/1 and don't eat too much.
If you run it 4-5 times a week yeah. Bodybuilding isn't like Powerlifitng periodization. I've put on a lot of good mass using it.
yeah but they run pretty frequent sales. just lurk r/sousvide on reddit.
the precision can handle up to 5 gallons of water. Idk how much food that holds but you'll probably be fine for just yourself
sous vide is god tier kitchen gadget. I use it all the time and everything comes out awesome. In 5 years it'll be the equivalent of a microwave. So easy to make good chicken breasts: http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/07/the-food-lab-complete-guide-to-sous-vide-chicken-breast.html
fuel star of jawnz
1) Buy a sous vide machine2) Buy bone in skin on chicken breasts and SV @ 150* for 1-4 hours.3) Debone/de-skin, dice chicken and toss with whatever sauce/spice mixture you like, giving a quick cook in the pan in the pan, or make chicken salad with greek yogurt for added protein/satiety.4) Buy a zojirishi rice cooker and always have brown rice on hand.5) Snack on fruits and veggies.With all that brotein you shouldn't have trouble eating at a deficit. I'm actually gonna try...
Yeah BBing is pretty easy to program. It's much more about getting your diet right than your programming. On that note, I'm gonna do another quick cut as I'm getting soft again . I'm back up to 170 already.
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