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OV please go into more detail about your SLAP tear rehab. I'm out of PT sessions and I'm trying to avoid stuff that bothers me but every few workouts something will aggravate it. I do a bunch of band shit at the end of my workouts and it prevents most of the pain but a couple days later i still feel some lingering soreness. I can do DB Incline Presses, DB shoulder presses, Pull-ups, and DB rows alright but once my form starts breaking down i can feel it tweak. I think the...
I'd say the decision 2.0 is a circus but a circus has 3 rings (stolen from a Deadspin comment)
Not sure whether I should ig or if it would be too douchey
ending my cut to see if i'm happy with where i end up once I regain all the water weight I lost. Also, was sick the past weekend. No 4th of july bbq for me, though I did make some mexican lasagna
Low carb tortillas made into chips
I prefer to think i'm going to jack into the net and crack some ice.
Nike Nike Nike
Also got this hoodie
I think the titolo ones were pre-order, as the mr. Porter ones were.
These were $50 cheaper
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