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how's your cut going?
had a berry/bananaa/protein shake for lunch and that's it for the calories i've consumed for the day so far (450) I'm not hitting a mid-afternoon energy lull either.
Aquaman and Namor are both adapted to the harsh environment of the deep sea, which I guess would make you strong. Batman lifts Wonder Woman is a God, so she gets a pass. Captain America got super soldiered so he gets a pass. Green Lantern shouldn't have muscles as his whole powers are mental. Cyborg too. Martian Manhunter is a shapeshifter so he'd just make himself aesthetic. Red Tornado and Vision are robots so they were built to be aesthetic. Iron Man and...
i don't actually hate you i hate the strawman in my head.you know, the skinnyfat/chubby internet "powerlifter" who thinks any direct arm work is stupid and preaches how strength is the only important metric.(aka jason blaha)I actually like your posts and as I said earlier, I'm giving your training protocol a shot.
quest bars 4 lyfe.
yeah, i feel plenty carbed up because i had to stop my cut for a week to go on a shitty work trip, but i'm now back in the swing of things and don't feel depleted (yet). If that changes maybe i'll reduce the defecit a bit.
edit: wrong thread
that's what i do on rest days. the lg protocol just has high-carb days with no defecit on days you workout but I'm thinking of just blowing that off and only recarbing when i feel like i need it.
ofc. Maintain as much muscle as possible.
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