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first go at burgers were a success! learned a few things for next time but overall i'm pretty happy with them!
balvenie is good scotch
suns out guns out
Well I figured we'd announce it and give maybe 6 weeks of lead time?
@Eason do you wanna set up the contest or should I?
When are we having the RHET aesthetics contest?
A 5-zip is basically just MMM. I think you're asking about a field jacket ore m-65. You can probably find one at any fast fashion store.
I've been cutting for about the same time but my weight hasn't been as consistently coming off. My bf is going down though so i'm not as worried.
So I devolved into a vomiting fit last night with a pretty clear case of gastroenteritis. Do you think the eggs did it to me?
How do you do that? Add a degree or two or more time or?
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