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Neo_Version 7: "I was so incensed by the bad quicksilver art that i didn't see days of future past because the bad promo art was a really strong indicator of the quality of that movie, because I'm a fanboy with no sense of perspective."
Yes I don't know anything about comics or taste because my panties aren't in a twist about some promo shot.
you mean the one people freaked out about but ended up being pretty good in the movie? fanboys bitching about every detail when it's much more about the script and direction never ceases to amaze me. Man of Steel had amazing art direction but was hampered by a shitty script. Everyone complained about the casting choices of the Dark Knight but it turned out to be great. Wahh wahh i don't like the movie title wahh wahh this concept art isn't good grow the fuck up you...
When you feel depleted and shitty. This is my first cut that was higher carb and lower fat and I didn't feel like I needed a refeed that didn't just kind of happen anyway.
this is really the worst thing about normcore. If you look like one of the cool kids already--i.e. lean, tall, good looking--then normcore is automatically fashionable, otherwise you'll just look like shit. And the insulting thing is that they're pretending they're just "blending in"It's basically just flaunting your privilege while pretending you're being populist.
Yeah it's june 1st, even though if we had it right now i'd win. Who wants to give me money for a prize pot? Or make it an entry fee? Or just do it for the love of aesthetics?
If you're worried about strength imbalances while rowing, do them with dumbells. Otherwise, once you start getting heavy your other side is going to be forced to adapt.As for accessories, do these 3 sets in the 8-12 rep range. When you can do 3 sets of 12, increase the weight.assisted/weighted pull-ups, dumbbell flye and incline dumbbell bench to your Bench Day.dumbell or barbell curls, assisted/weighted dips and delt raises to your Shoulder Press day.Also add shrugs or...
you're in the city yeah? where's the best place to acquire morels?
Been playing with my sous vide 48 hour sous vide chuck tender roast. First super long cook and while the interior was delicious the exterior needed work. Chuck tender is named due to its resemblance to the tenderloin I figured I'd make it live up to its name 48 hours at 131*, served with red wine sauce over greens. herbed sous vide chicken breast with an italian salsa verde. sous vide herbed rib eye with gremolata. Meatballs in homemade marinara. SV'ed for...
The only chuck roasts my supermarket had were mock tenders. I figured I'd make it live up to its name 48 hours at 131*, served with red wine sauce over greens.
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