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unrelated but this is insane: http://i.imgur.com/lCW5g2b.gifv
I thought I was going to shrink because I'm self-limiting to 30 lb dumbells +bodyweight for all upper body work. Turns out my chest has never looked better..Anyway just get a slow cooker (or two) and make rice+veggie+meat casseroles and top them with greek yogurt.
Should I kop his drkshdw jeans or nah? How slim of a 33 are they? [grailed].com/listings/67427-rick-owens-rick-owens-drk-shdw-jeans
Yeah and focus on your diet. If you lift with decent volume at moderate weight and eat you'll put on muscle. If you do it with slightly less volume and eat less you'll lose fat. If someone were to ask me how to do aesthetics starting from scratch I'd say run starting strength for like 6 weeks max just to not be a weak piece of shit. But you don't really need to be super strong to put on decent amounts of muscle mass.
cardio just requires grinding at it until you enjoy it. just get cardio up and get aesthetics and fuck slootz at mud runs.
There's nothing wrong with having 2 crockpots. I'm considering a second: meat in one, grains+veg in another. Just make sure you get liners to avoid having to clean. Just got a bonus. Time to get that sous vide.
Indeed. I saw david chang on mind of a chef and i've been a fanboy of the enterprise. I've hit up noodle bar and ssam bar, and gf took me to ko for my birthday. I also have the milk bar cookbook and have made:Compost CookiesCrack Pie:Double Chocolate CookiesCornflake Crunch Cookies (seen here as a Sundae that I made my gf for valentines day), with cornflake crunch as a topperAlso for valentines day the gf made me ramen gnocci from the mind of a chef episode (a lot of work,...
Making your own food is really the maneuver. Especially when you go super-frugal. E.g. buying whole chickens, butchering them yourself and using the extra parts for stock. Cooking is my new hobby in lieu of being able to be really active and frankly, I'm probably breaking even given the cost of dining out. Especially when you think of money spent on cooking gadgets + good ingredients + cookbooks as incremental over the cost of what i'd be spending if i was just eating...
Also judging whether someone's cool enough to wear stuff in an artificially constructed medium such as fitpics is a pretty twisted judge of whether or not someone's actually cool enough to wear something. Concord-as-fitpic-taker isn't necessarily great (I think it's the angle and the background personally, dude needs to find some burnt out industrial warehouse), but concord as individual probably looks fine in the clothing in his day to day. Or he's a fucking dork who...
511 black stretch and Uniqlo Leggings jeans have a pretty big differential between their shrinkiest and stretchiest . Levi's commuters as well though a bit less so. All are great options if you're lifting, though not great if you're super into great denim (all plebe tier). I actually tried to redye black 511's that started to fade and look shitty. I haven't had clothes fade into looking shitty in years I had forgotten what it was like. It didn't work though---oh well,...
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