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I started running again. Between that + attempting to cut + going (mostly) vegetarian I'm hoping to slim down to fit into my clothes a bit better. Currently sitting at 172 (down from 174).
sorrorities have been making these extravagant recruitment vidoes and they go viral. It's been an internet Thing for a bit.
The latest "insane sorority video" has one girl wearing what, at first glance, looks like a custom fuccboi off white/HBA/been trill longsleeve shirt. Turns out it's not really that, but goddamn, if i was a young enterprising frat bro, I'd totally start a business selling customizable fuccboi wear to frats and sorrorities.
cutting or?
Other boards i'm on are all "Everyone's giving Manning a pass but if it was Brady there'd be a witch hunt" "He totally did it, his legacy is tarnished" "espn gave manning a forum to defend himself look how biased they are" etc. etc.Then again sports fora are awful generally.
The absolute best thing about the Peyton manning story is about how salty pats fans are about the whole thing.
2015 was basically all recovery from my ACL. That + work + grad school is a recipe for falling off the wagon a bit. Now around 15% bf which the gf likes but I just feel fat. I'll start a cut in 2016 around mid feb i guess.
You just can't handle a strong woman
Can we talk about any team besides the Pats? Possible non-pro-patriots circlejerk topics: Who is imploding harder: Packers or Broncos? Also are the Panthers actually good? Is Oakland a contender this year?
brine them and bake them.
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