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I'm not sure i totally disagree with hendrix but i still lol'ed
downward facing dog after doing pigeon to open my glutes.
Gap x GQ stuff dropped http://www.gap.com/browse/search.do?searchText=gap+gq
Bought the uniqlo loose fit taper's from their pure blue japan collection. Fits really good on my big ass thighs and butt, without feeling super loose in the waist.
I knew not to expect a satisfying resolution but I still feel a little cheated. I will probably read part 2 but I'm not like, dying to know what happens. On it's own it's still a fun little anthology. Fun, disposable reads. They're very magazine-y. A little outdated but still it's fun to read essays about bands I liked in middle school. I liked it just fine but I kind of didn't get what it was "about" until I researched it afterward. I think understanding the...
GF took a couple pixxx of me during a run
If you got the time i'd check out century 21, you can probably get something nicer than Syms, but syms will probably hook you up right quick.
Uniqlo Polos are actually awful.
try the old navy slim fit. Size down one. IMO you don't need a big taper with a polo as long as you fill out the top block and let it hang a bit. You'll look thick and joocy regardless.
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