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Paella recipe is super easy but not crockpot. 1 Box Spanish Yellow Rice 1 Green Peppers 1 Red Pepper 1 Onions 4 Cloves Garlic 1 Chicken Breast, diced 8-10 Clams (prep instructions here http://www.wikihow.com/Steam-Clams) 2 Cans octopus in olive oil, rinsed. 1 Package of 4 small chorizos (or 2 big chorizos) Chicken Stock Dice peppers+onions+garlic, put with 1 tbsp oil in large dutch oven, soften vegetables. Salt+pepper chicken, brown on each side, remove from pot. Put in...
clear liquor is for rich women on diets, so i'd say vodka sodas are your best bet.
adding CtK's chipotle chicken recipe to that area
I bought a couple red polos a while ago that look hella targety so i never wear them. Any way to bleach them pink or even a nice faded red? I've got bleach and a bucket.
the best cardio is the cardio you have fun doing. i started trail running and it's fucking fun as hell. Between that + soccer and lifting twice a week, i'm really enjoying the variety.
Did i post this? Lunches for the GF and i for the next week(ish) Barbacoa burrito bowls with black beans and quinoa 830 calls 20/40/40 F/C/P ratio
brine beans for 24 hours before cooking and they come out perfect.
At least fashion journalism isn't as corrupt as gaming journalism #gamergate (god what a clusterfuck)
so you'd say your relationship to advertorials is....adversarial?
recipe plox
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