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I'm 165ish at 5'6" and mediums are on the small size. I have to get everything tailored.
Proving that sweater-blazers are still cool.
I've only been in-house and on the research side but agencies are usually more exciting/variable. However, since it's so client-focused you might get hit with a client request that makes you work through the weekend and if you lose a client your whole team might get laid off.
I need to cut all my clothes are too tight in the shoulders. Problem is I'm still recovering form my ACL tear and my leg is nowhere near back to full strength.
Being from New Jersey, I kind of can fill in the blanks about Geordie shore culture
Guys, maybe SZ isn't so different after all.
I guess that's up to the person buying the suit. If you have a lot of weddings and parties to go to where you have to wear a suit but it doesn't have to fall within the range of "business" attire/work in fashion or the arts where that sort of thing is ok. My buddy works in music management and just bought a dark red suit from john varvatos. My other buddy works in fashion and has a BBBF suit.I guess I'm just kind of confused to why a CCP (or other) suit is the exception...
Among men's internet fashion circles it's often conflated with a lot of other aesthetics (streetwear, techwear) but it's a lot of the time same thing. Nike's Tech Fleece offerings and the gyakusou line is one example. And then there's throwback sportswear stuff like Reigning Champ or Todd Snyder x Champion or mega nerd japanese repro sweatshirts like Buzz Rickson or the Real McCoys. Then there's brands like Outlier or John Elliot or Isaora making high end athletic clothes...
Idk about anyone else want to see more fits with suits made by the designers that are popular in SW&D. Even if it's like the CCP suit where the pants are a little tight, it's still pretty cool to see what they're doing with suiting and how people are wearing it.
that white leather is fucking amazing.
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