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I'd switch DB rows for BB rows but I might be biased because I can't do BB rows (something with my lower back).
and make sure you drink carbs post workout to stay anabolic and don't eat fat after 8:00 pm because it will be automatically turned into fat and do only 1/2 rep curls to train your bicepts peak. Also if you do just high reps you'll develop long lean muscles like a dancer.
I want to get a road bike when i (hopefully) move out to LA, but i'm terrified that i'm gonna get super ripped off.
Sw&d fitness talks reached new level of painful today
Most guys who only do calisthenics have weirdly underdeveloped everything.
skip to 40 seconds
i wore a bootleg RO fit to EDC AA Tank, Nike Sweatshorts, Knockoff ricks. so comfy.
I just want to see the graceful, soft folds of fabric contrast with their hard, taught bodies
fitness talk in SW&D is like streetwear talk in CM
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