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herbed sous vide chicken breast with an italian salsa verde.
When I went there was only 1 fish course but it changes a lot. I think it's pretty seasonal in that regard.
Gf took me to ko for my birthday it was unreal. Camp out when reservations open online to make sure you get the spot. You'll probably have an easier time on a non fri/sat.
You sent it back to drew? Also looking at your F/S listing is really funny. You must be really sick of unstructured blazer-ish jackets.
I lost 8 pounds just so i could fit back into it. I'm still a little bit bigger than when I ordered it but now i'm leaner.
New sneakers. Not sure how i feel about them. ToJ/Hanes/Levi/Y3
Going to nashville with the gf next week. We're going to Husk (maybe twice), Rolf and Daughters, Club Bar #308 and Pork Porker's and Hattie B's for hot chicken, and probably dancing at 5 Spot. Anything else to do/eat? We're staying in an air bnb in east nashville and her brother lives downtown. Getting in Thurs morning, leaving Tues morning. We're renting a car because we might go hiking but should we also rent bikes to just get around?
My cut would be done if i didn't love cooking italian food so much. Chicken Parm over arborio rice and canellini bean pilaf
it's pretty much open to whatever. We're both not really huge grillers, mainly home cooks (since the only time we can really grill is summer), and it's basically just a fun little competition to have us cook for them. Thanks for the help everybody!
A friend's dad challenged me to a BBQ cook-off for 4th of july and I want to bring my A-Game. I cook mainly italian food so I figured why not convert the t-bone fiorentina recipe to a sous vide chick roast (probably 4-5 lbs). A few questions: 1) What's the best way to get a crust on the grill without overcooking the meat? Just get the grill searingly hot? Maybe add some sugar to jumpstart the browning? Finally cave and buy a searzall? Just accept some overcookedness in...
New Posts  All Forums: