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No, I couldn't figure out why they weren't rising but that would be why. They're still yummy though. Used the pork fat in the batter
Momofuku pork buns. Pork belly, steamed buns, pickles and hoisin sauce from scratch
Momofuku pork buns. Roasted pork belly, steamed mini buns, pickles and hosin sauce.
Momofuku pork buns. Pork belly, steamed buns, pickles and hoisin sauce from scratch
Look up the new rules of lifting for women. It's got this power that somehow magically convinces women off of the terrible bro-science fed to them by everything womens-fitness-related thing ever and gets them lifting.
I used Top Round which is less good than Brisket or chuck but leaner. I also added 2 diced jalapenos and I made the chili powder myself using this recipe. You can either cook all of the aromatics (everything but the sugar, tomato sauce and lime juice) in the skillet or microwave them with the oil until softened. Put it in the slow cooker, then mix the sugar and tomato sauce and the salt and peppered meat. Then you cook on high for 6-8 hours. Top with the lime juice when...
I don't "get" people who idolize france/french living. I get why bourgeois white women would want to live a french lifestyle, but like, imagining myself that way holds 0 appeal.
I was reading a vegan cookbook and they toast the rice in the dry skillet before cooking it. It makes it come out really nutty and delicious.
beef barbaco and rice pilaf. I made it with top round which isn't the "best" cut to do it with but it's pretty lean and shreds nicely.
chicks dig scars tho reddit's skincareaddiction wiki is what I used. I don't know enough to know if it's good but I like cerave products and so does the girlfriend (who used to have bad skin so she knows more than me) http://www.skincare-addiction.com/routine
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