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(The af1s)
When do those drop?
I put 6% away (Which is what I've got matched at 7%) and everything else in savings for a rainy day. I recently got a promotion which gave me a 15% raise but my lifestyle has stayed pretty steady. I feel like I should be socking more away but my dad says not to worry about it and he's pretty good with money stuff.
Not really a big gambler but in Vegas for work High roller I know
Both long commute and big hassle. Maybe 45-50 min travel time on a good day plus a not-insignificant transfer walk. Compare that to a 15-20 min straight shot (inwood/wahi)
If you're going to Columbia live in Washington heights or inwood. Jersey to Morningside heights is gonna suck.
Just try and keep fats as low as possible on workout days but eat a decent amount on rest days
The relevant information about an industry, rather
I think it's presumptuous to think that one knows the relevant industry better than the people in it. Things often look much different from the inside of an organization.
Coldsnap i like these: http://nike.com/us/en_us/pd/track-running-pants/pid-726540/pgid-773861
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