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that white leather is fucking amazing.
My brother got me a pair of roshe run sneaker boots for my birthday. As someone who likes the tech/runner style but wants something a bit more substantial, they're pretty great Not a real fitpic, more just what I was wearing for reference.
Idk if this was posted but this is Rosenrot's blog addressing a bunch of the stuff in the shitfest a few pages backhttp://the-rosenrot.com/2014/10/a-night-out-in-rick-owens.html
^this. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129359637Uniqlo + Tailor?
Compost cookies Recipe here
Stretch chinos exist and are totally worth buying.
Get a slow cooker and make shit with chuck or brisket (chuck is fattier). You can do much more with the pulled meat and it reheats great.Ridethecliche: I'll be around. Just hit me up.
My calves got beefy when i got into running with a forefoot strike. God I miss running.
That recipe i posted is very easy to eat quite a lot of.
Here's some chicken curry over the quinoa I made last night
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