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is what what pusha was wearing in the move that dope video?
podatrist nixed running my my fk frees. sticking with my free havens then :/
it's still to cold to ToJ But right now i'm on a big NSW kick.
Uniqlo Nike Levi's Nike
NY RHET Bros: I'm gonna run this: http://www.ruggedmaniac.com/events-details/items/nyc-2014.html join me with showing off your mud-aesthetics. With code RMSTPATS it ends up being like $52. I just signed up for the 12:30 wave.
mflb is where it's at.
fuck you for liking a type of caffeine intake that i do not like. somehow, your choices affect my ability to enjoy my thing.
time is a flat circle-shaped stain on your french press.
http://jezebel.com/fit-mom-is-back-and-wants-to-sell-you-on-her-supposed-r-1543018068?utm_campaign=socialflow_jezebel_facebook&utm_source=jezebel_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow I love this woman and the jimmies she rustles.
cleaning a french press is easy though? scoop out as many grounds as you can, wash like a normal cup?
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