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IME Organic meat, dairy and produce does actually taste better. Whether it's "healthier" is another story.
you might just not like chicken.
I mean it's a 20/4 fast but you're allowed to eat fruit + light dairy during the day. Basically it's a fancy way of saying i'm skipping breakfast and having a shake for lunch.
i mean it's actually so I eat more real food. Shake will be fruit + leafy greens + whey (which isn't actually real food but still)
Trying out the warrior diet today. Gonna have a shake for lunch and nothing else.
http://jezebel.com/i-test-drove-100-mens-sweatpants-for-a-week-1636420453?utm_campaign=socialfow_jezebel_twitter&utm_source=jezebel_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow jezebel writer buys tech fleece men's pants, doesn't "get" them. read if you want to be annoyed.
Thai chicken stew English muffin breakfast bites
I was heading out to the gym yesterday and realized i was wearing: Black Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie Black Nike Track tights Black and White Flyknit Frees Nike drawstring backpack I felt like a ninja but at the same time i also kind of felt like that dude in the picture.
do it
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