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Went up to new hampshire with some friends on a ski trip. I don't ski so i figured i'd make something with the local cuisine in our condo. Bought some maple syrup so I figured I'd make fried chicken and pancakes (no waffle maker). Also got some local chorizo that my friend's girlfriend used to make a paella and raw milk she used to make tapioca. Didn't get the Paella or Tapioca, but here's the Chicken and Pancakes (and Syrup) It was fucking awesome.
I also haven't worked out since monday. Bleh.
I cooked a pork shoulder in chicken stock with aromatics and used that as a broth, and then used the pork In the ramen. I also used miso and a korean Anchovy and seaweed dashi packet to flavor it further. Not tonkotsu but pretty damn good
I made momofuku candy bar pie. It got kind of destroyed on the train but it wasn't necessarily that pretty to begin with. It's the latest in the series of my milk bar cooking adventures: cornflake crunch cookie sundae compost cookie crack pies double chocolate cookies
Is there a SW&D cooking and eating thread?
we will be sure to name our first child fuji and sculpt him in your image.
You're more of a finance nerd than a finance bro though. Idk what they're like in england but in east coast NYC they blow. I still
finance is fine but finance people are the worst when they get financey.
Also, there are a lot of financial products allow companies (or even individuals) to hedge against shifts in their primary income. For example. Starbucks could bet on the price of coffee beans going up, for example, so if the price of coffee beans rose a lot would be bad for their core business of selling coffee but the hit that they took would be much less bad than if they hadn't hedged against it. Those things exists for all sorts of industries, and even intra-financial...
Well yeah, a lot of the time the "who would wear this" etc. comments do get voted to the top because the majority of the users are unaware of how this stuff work, but there's also an active portion of the commentariat that is willing to explain lookbooks/runway shows/unconventional styles, and have actually done so in ways that allow those people to understand. It's not a perfect system but no forum really is. If you're not willing to expose yourself to the masses of...
New Posts  All Forums: