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Hamstring. I have osgood schlatter so my patella is kind of fucked. No problems getting into extension.What I was told is that surgery's pretty much required if you want to stay active. Then again mine was completely torn.
I tore my ACL playing soccer. I got the surgery 3 months ago (12 weeks as of yesterday)
I tried some new stuff this cut. Normally I go super low carb and relatively high fat, but I decided to go low fat generally for the whole cut. On normal days I generally hit my goal of 500-750 calorie defecit, while on workout days I try and eat around maintenence or with a 250 calorie defecit. Saturdays are my weekly cheat days, which throw off measurement, as I pick up 5 or so lbs of waterweight that I get rid of through the week. It makes tracking actual weight...
my all white lunar forces got beat up and look like orthopedic grandpa shoes. I don't have any pictures but does anyone have any ideas on how to make them look less shitty? Would relacing work? Should I try to redye them? Try and recreate an MMM paint splatter?
someone with friends? on styleforum? preposterous.
stitches looks like if action bronson lost a lot of weight and cleaned up.
Suddenly seeing cut results. I'm gonna probably ride out the cut for another couple weeks because I don't look like this all the time but I'm very happy.Click for gratuitous mirror selfie: [[SPOILER]]
I really like Restoration Hardware. I know that's basic as fuck and I can probably do my own reclaimed industrial stuff vibe but goddamn do I like it.
if you're shopping for a low-tier mattress always get what's on sale because they're fairly interchangeable. you can always negotiate down the price a lot and get free shipping and stuff. drive a hard bargain. memory foam is way worse to bang on. this is all i know about mattresses.
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