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Also, since I was making black beans and rice anyway... (Yes i made a mess, it's all clean now)
Braised top round ropas viejas style (though I'm not super into this recipe), this time with brown rice and black beans instead of quinoa (I didn't like how quinoa freees) Each bowl was 750 cals, 35/45/20 P/C/F ratio and cost about $5.50 in ingredients.
I set up an AMA on MFA with Lawrence and James from fashion bros if you guys wanna check it out: http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/2g7qm2/we_are_the_fashion_bros_and_were_here_to_answer/
IME Radioshack caters to a different demographic than your average SF user.
I buy my workout/commuting earbuds from radioshack with the protection plan. Each time I upgrade them i get a little bit nicer ones. I'd hate for that to happen.
I still wear the hell out of my Free Havens (with the 3.0 sole).
Oh that's a shame. I want to try their stuff on
Does anyone know any isaora stockists in nyc?
Pic of blender setup
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