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i'vve been getting a farm share for the past 3 years. it's pretty good but you do get some weird shit sometimes or like, way too much cabbage. It's not really the best thing to do for economical reasons.If you're doing it to be creative, that's cool, bit if you just want in season/fresh produce just hit up the farmer's market.
rippedbody.jp was what taught me how to do leangains.
A good chunk of my wardrobe is uniqlo and almost all of it hasn't crapped out on me yet (save for a thin knit or two). And I don't take super great care of it either. The same can not be said of a lot of other cheap clothes from fast fashion outlets. Uniqlo is definitely in a tier above H&M/Zara/Topman/Forever21/Old Navy in terms of durability. Is it great? Of course not. But it will get you through a surprising # of seasons without looking like shit as it gets worn (I...
yeah it's totally unlike the books to kill a fan favorite character.
The problem is if you play sports or something you risk damaging your meniscus/other internal knee structures. I opted for the surgery because I want to stay active.
Tom Ford/Uniqlo/Uniqlo/Uniqlo/JP
everyone in this thread is shocked, shocked at this new development.
Finally done with PT and winding down school so I can finally hit the gym 2-3 times a week instead of like, 1. Splitting into upper and lower body with a pretty decent routine to work around my injuries: Upper: Cardio (to get running mileage up) Push Up 3xf Incline Push up 3xf Pull up 5xf DB Curl 3x10 DB Shoulder Press 3x10 Lower: Cardio Smith Squat (heavy) 3x5-8 Smith Squat (light) 5x10 Leg Press 3x10 Glute Push 3x10 Planks Hopefully I can do this 2 times a week and do...
Osgood schlatter+ACL tear here as well. I found patellar bands/taping helps. The cheap like, $10 band you wrap around your patellar and put in that OS groove does a lot to keep it from hurting too bad.
Dacox is just some massive obliques away from statham fridge mode Mirin'
New Posts  All Forums: