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I have a PRL knit blazery thing but because i'm short it ends up getting super robe-y. any tips on styling for f/w coming up?
So job feels guys. Was trying to get a job in LA doing the same job that i currently do (market research in linear TV programming) within my larger organizational umbrella. I did informational interviews with the LA group back in december and they were like "when you wanna move to LA, hit us up", so I did and they said there was a possible opening, but was just informed that the potential opening i was gunning for is below my level and not open until 2015. Bad feels man....
Been a few minutes since i posted a picture of me muddy and shirtless This one was 4.8 miles. Pretty fun
Wore the flyknit frees to a mud run. Terrible idea--stepped in deep mud by accident and my foot slid right out of them. Also, absoloutely no grip when it was slippery Threw 'em in a wash and they look fine, but I think i need some dedicated trail racing shoes.
i feel like this guy has posted that story before
i just burped after taking creatine pills and exhaled creatine through my nose like some sort of meat-head dragon
My buddy writes for models.com and is friends with a lot of runway models. They're all pretty nice and down to earth but a lot of them are frighteningly young.
uniqlo leggings jeans are super stretchy and pretty good. I'm considering getting some 501's to wear at my hips and then taper for the charly-dropcrotchy look.
GotG played kind of like an episode of Archer with archer's more likable parts being embodied in chris pratt while his douchey parts being played by bradley cooper.
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